How to Master Speedy Dinners at Home with Emily Atack

October 20, 2020
by Hattie Master Mealtimes

    What happens when Emily Atack and our crew invite themselves over for dinner with three different families, all of whom shop with HelloFresh and fancy themselves as mealtime masters? 

    In our first episode of How to Master Mealtimes with Emily Atack, Emily meets ~glowing~ new parents, Nadia and Sunni. The two were struggling to juggle life with a newborn. Enter, HelloFresh! 

    Inspired by Nadia and Sunni’s story, we thought we’d share a couple of tricks you need to have ready in your arsenal next time you need dinner on the table, pronto. 

    From lightening-fast dinners to one-pot wonders, here’s everything you need to master speedy dinners at home and stave off the temptation of frozen dinners. Goodbye, frozen quiches. 

    Try a 10-minute show-stopper

    Did you know, thanks to some time-saving hacks, our Extra Rapid recipes have some of the work done for you so you can transform a few fresh and pre-prepared ingredients into a delicious dinner in 3 simple steps and in under 10 minutes? 

    Take a look at what’s coming up on the menu. Keep your eyes peeled for the “Extra Rapid” tag on our recipes to try! 

    Teriyaki Seabass

    King Prawns and Fresh Tagliatelle

    Coconutty King Prawn Laksa

    Try a one-pot winner

    A one-pot dinner is a super-easy weeknight dinner and a real time saver thanks to the very little prep work and minimal washing up. 

    Here are a couple of our favourites.

    Creamy One-Pot Fajita Chicken 

    One-Pot Mexican Beef and Rice 

    One-Pot Chicken and Red Lentil Dahl 


    Grab a taco

    Tacos make weeknight cooking a total breeze since you can flash fry the toppings and have everyone around the dinner table assemble their own. Great for a Mexican feast (or just a Friday night!). Here are the recipes to try. 

    Halloumi, Pepper and Sweetcorn Tacos

    Korean Style Beef Tacos with Sriracha Mayo and Pickled Cucumber

    Make a cheat’s pizza

    When balancing a busy schedule, an oven pizza feels like an easy way to claw back some evening time. But did you know it’s just as easy to make your own from scratch?

    If you don’t believe us, check out these recipes ready from prep to plate in 20 minutes flat. With fresh ingredients, cooking your pizza from scratch will inevitably taste better, too!

    Cheesy Pizza with Garlicky Mushrooms and Tomato Salad

    Showstopping Smoky Bacon & Onion Pizza

    Try out a recipe box

    At HelloFresh, we deliver the exact ingredients you need to create delicious dinners in a flash. Skip the supermarket queues and meal planning, and get back to actually enjoying dinner times! 

    So, there you have it, five simple steps to mastering speedy dinners. 

    To catch all of the latest episodes of How to Master Mealtimes, don’t forget to subscribe and follow us. 





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