How to Master Variety at Dinnertime with Emily Atack

October 26, 2020
by Hattie Master Mealtimes

    What happens when Emily Atack invites herself over for dinner with three households that shop with HelloFresh?

    Find out in our second episode of How to Master Mealtimes with Emily Atack, where Emily meets couple Ana and Blake, who have recently moved in together. Before HelloFresh, they had a tough time balancing variety with efficiency. In other words, Blake pulled the plug (quite literally) after she got fed up of soup every night. 

    What did they learn? That with HelloFresh, you can have something different for dinner every night and not waste a single thing. Take a look…

    Thanks to 31 recipes on the menu each week, we always have something to keep your tastebuds guessing. From Mexican to Japanese-inspired dishes, street food to classic roast dinners, there’s something new every week. 

    Since our chefs are quite the experts on keeping dinner varied, we asked them for their top tips. Here’s what they had to say! 

    Top it like it’s hot

    A super simple way to play with flavour profiles in a dish is to mix up your toppings. Adding Dukkah, which is a delicious Middle Eastern mixture of herbs, nuts and spices, is a great way to elevate a fish dish, for example “. – Mimi Morley, Recipe Development Manager. 

    There are loads of toppings to experiment with, too. Here are a couple of ideas: 

    • Nuts and Seeds
    • Dips 
    • Sauces 
    • Chopped or grated vegetables 

    Experiment with marinades 

    There is no easier way to make food taste bolder than by creating your own marinade.” – Andre Dupin, Head Chef. 

    A great thing about marinades is their versatility. Meaning once you nail one, you can apply it again and again to different ingredients. Take, for example, a simple teriyaki marinade. It will taste delicious across fish, chicken or aubergine – just keep switching it up as and when you feel! 

    Take your tastebuds on a tour of the world

    Seasoning is essential in cooking. It creates and enhances deep flavours and marries together different ingredients” – Mimi Morley. 

    Taking Mimi’s word for it (she is the expert, after all), why not pick a spice from our flavour guide that you’ve never tried before and give it a whirl? Guarantee you’ll discover something new – and delicious!

    Try a new cuisine once a week 

    Themed nights are a great way to introduce new cuisines into our diets – from taco Tuesdays to noodle nights – anything goes! 

    Swap out an ingredient for something new

    Is pasta your fail-safe ingredient when it comes to weeknight cooking? Swap it out for gnocchi or orzo. Love a simple stir fry but always use egg fried noodles? Why not try Yasi Yaki Udon noodles? Head to our recipe archive for an endless list of ideas next time you are stuck in a rut! 

    So, there you have it, five easy steps to mastering variety at dinnertime. 

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