How to Master Mealtimes with HelloFresh and Emily Atack October 9, 2020

by Hattie Master Mealtimes

Get ready to master mealtimes.

Prepare to be entertained, educated and seriously hungry. 

If there’s one thing we all desperately need this year, it’s a good laugh. 

So we’ve tasked ourselves with the job (though no one asked) and teamed up with none other than the nation’s sweetheart, Emily Atack, to filming our very serious brand-new series, How to Master Mealtimes

We’ll be posting the best tips and tricks for mastering mealtimes right here on our blog and social media

Over the next six weeks, we’ll be sharing what happened when Emily and our crew invited themselves over for dinner with three different families, all of whom shop with HelloFresh and fancy themselves as mealtime masters. 

While it’s true that every family have their own unique quirks (some more than others), there was one thing each of the three households had in common: they were nailing dinnertime. Throughout the series, Emily learns how HelloFresh has transformed dinnertime for these families. Some of them have come a long way.

From juggling life with a newborn, beating fussy eaters at their own game, or shaking up dinnertime routine, Emily learns just how much these families need HelloFresh.

Want to see what happened when Emily met first-time parents Nadia and Sunni? 

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