Emily Atack Dishes out Tips For Mastering Mealtimes

October 12, 2020
by Hattie Master Mealtimes

    Last week, we announced that we’ve teamed up with none other than Emily Atack for a hilarious journey into three families homes, to learn all about how they master mealtimes with HelloFresh.

    Did you catch the first episode? Here’s what happened when Emily met first-time parents Nadia and Sunni.

    Emily’s hosts all had their fair share of dinnertime dramas before life with HelloFresh, from squeezing in mealtimes with a newborn, battling fussy eaters to ruthless meal prep organisation. Safe to say Emily saw A LOT. So, what did she learn?

    Emily Atack’s Tips for Mastering Mealtimes 

    Don’t overcomplicate

    When balancing a busy schedule, the idea of mustering up something epic for tea is seriously daunting and only adds another to-do to your ever-growing list. Instead, opt for quick meals that use fresh ingredients. Cooking from scratch doesn’t have to be complicated.

    Try something new

     No one wants to cook the same thing again and again. It drains the process of preparing dinner of any excitement, and the whole thing becomes a chore. Themed nights are a great way to try something new; taco Tuesdays, pasta nights, vegetarian nights, there are endless ideas out there, and they boost your cooking repertoire. Win-win!

    Reduce the rush

     if you can allow at least around 20-30 minutes for family meals, it gives your children plenty of time to eat and teaches them not to rush. This is a great time to try new foods and develop good eating habits. It also gives you time to relax, chat and enjoy time with your family.

    Be Creative 

    with mealtimes. This one isn’t as daunting as it might sound! Getting creative can simply be swapping out ingredients for ones you have not tried before. For example, ever thought about trying orzo over rice, or giving a miso aubergine a go over the miso chicken that’s a firm family favourite? 

    Make mealtimes an occasion

    . HelloFresh is great for this. Take time to sit down together as a family and scroll through the week’s recipes and choose together to build excitement. The premium recipes can make any weeknight dinner feel special, or the street food recipes create a fun, hands-on sharing experience perfect for kicking off the weekend. 

    Take a look at these simple steps to making an unbelieve dinner at home

    Cook together! 

    Even the littlest sous chef can support dinnertime prep. Have them pick the leaves of herbs, wash the veggies or add seasoning. 

    For more ideas, check out 7 safe ways for children to help in the kitchen

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