Make The Most of Summer with New BBQ Feast Recipes July 13, 2020

by Hattie Our Recipes

Is there anything else that can so quickly transport you to summer quite like the smell of BBQ? Whether or not the sun decides to show its face, us Brits know that the lighting of the BBQ means it is officially summer. 

But we’re not talking about your classic charred sausage in a hot dog bun, with a squirt of tomato sauce at best, oh no. We want to bring you a BBQ range that will make the neighbours jealous. Think two types of meat or fish dishes with every recipe, like these Chicken and Halloumi Skewers with Chorizo Sausages, to plenty of summer greens and impressive summer salads. Plus, you don’t even need a grill. Our BBQ Feast recipes can be cooked on the BBQ grill or in the oven, whatever suits you! 

And that’s not all, you can prepare our tasty BBQ sides ahead of time, like this Mediterranean Bulgur and Feta Salad. Meaning you can enjoy a BBQ however you plan to spend your summer nights, from picnics in the park, staycations to garden parties. 

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Available to order from 18th July, simply look for the ‘BBQ Feast‘ tag on the menu and add to your box!

Got your tastebuds tingling? Then feast your eyes on these delicious recipes…

Chicken and Halloumi Skewers, Chorizo Sausages, with Potato Salad and Pea Shoot, Asparagus Summer Greens

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Lamb Koftas and Honey Lemon Chicken with Wraps and a Mediterranean Bulgur and Feta Salad

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Mississippi Rubbed Chicken with Maple BBQ Hot Dog, Slaw, Corn on the Cob & Ranch Jacket Potato

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Chermoula Lamb Skewers & Lemon Oregano Chicken with Zhoug Orzo and Charred Pepper, Aubergine & Feta Salad

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Poudre de Colombo Spiced Chicken Thighs and Glazed Prawn Skewers with Rice and Beans and Buttery Limey Corn

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Spiced Yoghurt Chicken Breasts and Tandoor Beef Skewers with Cauli Mango Chutney Potato Salad 


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