6 Classic Recipes with an Unexpected Twist

February 6, 2017
by Meryl Singleton Eat

    We’ve created these fresh twists to show you how to add a pinch of creativity to your ultimate favourite, everyday dishes without a brand new recipe. It’s all about experimentation but it only takes adding one extra spice, herb or little treat to completely revolutionise a dish.  

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    British Fish and Chips with a Moroccan Twist

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    Apart from a good strong cup of tea, what could possibly be more British than fish and chips with a nice generous dash of salt and vinegar? It’s pure joy. That being said, I’ve eaten fish and chips approximately 3006 times in my life so far, and sometimes a little twist would be lovely. In the coastal city Essaouira in Morocco, they catch and cook the fish in front of you before you dig in and they serve it with chips. The sun is shining and you could smell that salty sea air.

    To bring you a bit of Moroccan seaside, we’ve added some Ras el Hanout to the fish before we grilled it. Keep your eyes peeled for this in your boxes.

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    Italian Risotto with a Middle Eastern Twist(v)

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    It may be grey outside, but inside, a steaming hot, creamy risotto is just the ticket to keep you warm at this time of year. This Italian classic is so versatile that adding a few Middle Eastern flavours will go down a treat. If you’ve never tried Zahtar before, this recipe is a delicious way to discover this new Middle Eastern seasoning which is a mix of dried herbs and sesame seeds. Tastes wonderful with Portobello mushrooms, and feta in our risotto.

    Check out our other delicious risotto recipes.

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    American Burgers with a Moroccan Twist

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    The good old beefburger is something of an American wonder, and one that we Brits adore. In the good old days, it was always a beef burger, with onions, tomato, some form of salad and ketchup or mayonnaise, maybe some cheese and bacon if you’re really pushing the boat out. Nowadays, there are more burger restaurants than hot dinners, serving incredible combinations like pear and gorgonzola beefburgers or jalapeno chicken burgers.

    You can do it at home too. Just add one unusual condiment to your bread or some fresh herbs and spices to your burger. It’ll make all the difference. Our Ksar Char Bagh’ Moroccan  Burgers have spicy Ras el Hanout mixed into the mince meat. Coming soon to our boxes!

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    British Ham & Peas with an Italian Twist

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    In our humble opinion, peas and ham go together almost better than two peas in a pod. Traditionally, this delightful sweet meets salty combination come in the form of a lovely green soup. But even when it comes to soups, you can take the key ingredients and add a twist. Our Refreshing Fresh Pasta with Peas, Pancetta and Mint is the perfect example of this – we’ve added an Italian twist to a very British combination.

    Fancy a bit of Italian peas and ham? It’ll be in our boxes soon.

    Fancy Adding a Twist?

    With HelloFresh, our recipes are a great way to add a pinch of creativity to dinnertime. We’ll deliver all the ingredients and recipes you need to make dinnertime delicious.

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    British Apple Crumble with an Indulgent Twist

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    Traditionally, crumble is reserved for fruit like apples, berries and pears. But, if you think about it, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that adding a bit of deep, dark chocolate to the mix will add yet another layer of deliciousness to this already exceptional dessert. Crumbles have crunch. They’ve got a good bit of melty butter in the crumble and the fruit is often delightfully tangy. Adding the creaminess of dark chocolate gives you a range of textures that’ll have you ooohing and ahhhing until the bowl is empty.

    Next time you make an apple crumble… break up some dark chocolate and add it in. You won’t be disappointed.

    HF170128_ExtraShot_UK_Twist_on_an_old_classic_GinTonic_ 11_low

    British Gin & Tonic with a Tropical Twist

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    Gin and Tonic is one of the most British long drinks around. Traditionally, adding a bit of cucumber or mint is the limit of creativity. But not for us, we’ve added a bit of blood orange to make things a bit more interesting. Give it a go, for a seasonal winter version of the G&T.

    Happy Twisting – for more recipes and flavours from around the world, check out of recipe archive.

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