10 Great Date Night Recipes

February 6, 2017
by Trisha Our Recipes

    It’s date night and you’re really crushing! They make you go weak at the knees, they make your heart beat worryingly fast, and they make you feel like a natural womaaaaan! Basically, you’re a bit worried that you might mess everything up with your dream man/woman, if you serve up your usual somewhat dry, somewhat underseasoned infamously unsexy chicken curry. Last time you did, your date’s knife broke in half as they tried to saw through the chicken! Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands with us and our easy meals for two.

    So, let us make the cooking the easy part of the evening, so you can worry about wooing your date – you charmer you! With these ten tantalising recipes, they’ll be eating out of the palm of your hand…

    Easy Meals For Two

    1. Mexican Spiced Chilli Tostadas with Guac and Cheese

    Mimi has whipped up a delicious Mexican feast, piled high on homemade tostadas. Tostadas are simply toasted tortillas, making them crispy and crunchy! Perfect for sharing!


    1. Middle Eastern Risotto with Zaatar Portobellos

    This dish is a delicious fusion of Italian and Middle Eastern flavours. The risotto is seasoned with zahtar spice; a blend of sumac, sesame seeds and thyme. It’s delicate flavour combination teams beautifully with the earthy portobello mushrooms and creamy risotto. We love it so much we’ve made it spice of the month! We’re sure your other half will love it too!

    Click here for 10 more risotto recipes.

    3. Moroccan Spiced Fish and Chips  with Cooling Cucumber Raita

    Who says this national treasure of a dish can’t be given a cheeky international twist? Almost two years ago now a young, footloose, fancy-free Patrick predicted that Tilapia would be ‘the fish of the future’. Well the future is here and his prediction is coming along nicely. A delicious, firm fish, popular in tropical climes, Tilapia is a sustainable fish that’s perfectly complemented by robust Moroccan spices.

    Like the look of these?

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    1. Thai Pork Panang Curry

    For centuries, Thai basil has been used to ward off anxiety. So, your best gobble this down to make sure you are uber-relaxed! You’ll feel more than a Thai-ny bit proud when you dig into your delicious dinner creation!


    1. Homemade Carrot & Lentil Soup

    Let’s be honest, nobody wants to feel all bloated and stuffed when they are trying to be all mysterious and seductive. So, make this soup, and then if you’re still hungry, maybe you two can share a dessert!

    WARNING: it’s so good you’ll want to lick the dish clean! But maybe… don’t… licking the bowl is often seen as a bit “out there” on a date.

    meatballs recipe

    1. Smokey Team-Effort Meatballs

    You know that scene in Lady and the Tramp, where they eat meatballs and it’s pretty much the defining moment in their love story? Well… I know life isn’t a Disney movie, but it’s still worth a try, right? Make these seriously scrummy meatballs and let the love story unravel!


    1. Indian nachos
      As if nachos aren’t delicious enough as it is, we’ve raised the game and given them an Indian-esque make over to add an irresistible dimension to a dish too easy not to make! It’s a super simple sharer that always scores highly. All hail nachos!

    cottage pie

    1. Hearty Cottage Pie

    Those thinly sliced taters, that piping hot beef – there’s nothing to be done but draw the blinds and dig into this rich golden topped cottage pie. Sometimes winter ain’t so bad…



    1. Minted Lamb & Feta Burgers

    If your date is lusting after some juicy meat, serve up this homemade goodness. It’s will knock their socks off. You may have a new love affair with your burger but try to eat nicely in front on your new date!


    1. A Surprisingly Simple Roasted Duck

    Seriously, nobody cooks duck anymore. Nobody that is, except you! Your date will be raving about it for weeks.  Phrases like “impressive masterpiece” and “cooking triumph” will be on their lips! 30 minutes cooking for a lifetime of recognition, means this dish is worth its weight in gold. We guarantee, in one swift mouthful you’ll have them hooked.

    Even More Recipes

    For more great recipes for two, try our classic box. We’ll deliver

    all the ingredients andrecipes you need for delicious dinner in no time!

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