The Best Recipes To Fill Your Picnic Basket With

July 8, 2018
by Rebecca Down Seize The Summer

    Picnic baskets at the ready. With the weather this good, it’s time to make the most of it with the ultimate picnic spread. 

    There are few things more fittingly British than putting on a good picnic spread. With Wimbledon in full swing and the parks bursting at the seams, there’s never been a better time to pack up a bag full of delicious food and head out to the great outdoors. One key to picnic perfection is avoiding shop-bought food and instead, opting for fresher, homemade treats that can be easily transported (with no spillages or leaks in sight!) and prepped in advance.

    To celebrate the second week of Seizing The Summer we’ve picked a few of our favourite home-made treats to fill your picnic basket with along with two summer recipes from this week’s menu (a ten-minute Halloumi Salad and our favourite Lamb Wraps).

    8 steps for picnic perfection:

    1. A large picnic rug and a big basket – no grass stained, soggy bottoms!

    2. Plates, cups and cutlery – picnics can be messy without them!

    3. A Summer Salad (like this week’s 10-minute Halloumi Salad)

    4. Wholemeal Wraps are a great thing to include in your picnic. This week’s Lamb Wraps would be perfect!

    5. A jam jar to make a kitchen cupboard salad dressing. Put these in a container with a tight lid, then shake up before drizzling over your salads once you’re there.

    6. A couple of HelloFresh Ice packs to keep everything cool. Don’t forget to take some water with you!

    7. Something healthy – We love filling the bottom of jam jars with humous and then topping them with pre-chopped carrots or cucumber.

    8. A Sweet treat – Berries are an easy thing to transport and are the perfect picnic accompaniment

    9. HelloFresh squeezy Yoghurt or Creme Fraiche pouches Our brand new squeezy pouches are the perfect thing for a picnic as they won’t burst all over your bag and will go perfectly with berries! Keep your eyes opened for our beautiful new packaging which has been designed especially to survive the (sometimes) bumpy trip from our warehouse to your homes!

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