One Customer Shares 10 Ways To Upcycle Your HelloFresh Box

July 29, 2018
by Rebecca Down Sustainability

    When it comes to thinking outside of the box, our customers do it best…

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    From leaning towers and DIY dolls houses to rockets, ships and planes, we’re constantly amazed by the creativity of our customers. Recently, we came across a video made by Daisy, a customer who has been with us for three months and has already found 10 things to do with your HelloFresh box. This week, as part of our seize the summer bucket list we are showing you the best ways to upcycle your box for the kids.

    Upcycling Your HelloFresh Box: Daisy’s Top 10

    1. Make a sledge
    2. Build a torch fort
    3. Play ‘guess that toy’
    4. Make a train race ramp
    5. Build a tunnel in an obstacle course
    6. Build a robot
    7. Make a letterbox
    8. Make a mini kitchen
    9. Create an alphabet car park
    10. Play pinball

    To get you inspired, we talked to Daisy and asked her to share her top tips for keeping the kids busy this Summer…

    So Daisy, what’s your HelloFresh story?

    I’ve been using HelloFresh for about 3 months since a fellow Mum friend mentioned how great and easy it was when you have two kids – and sent me a free box to try. I immediately loved it and have been hooked ever since. The best thing about it for a busy mum is not having to trawl the supermarket aisles with two little kids, and think up healthy tasty meals on the hoof while the little ones demand every snack they spot! It’s delivered to your door so you don’t have to battle for a parent-baby parking space, you can click the meals you want while they’re asleep, then it just turns up without any stress. You know when you give the food to them it’s all fresh healthy produce which is always a winner for easing the mum-guilt.

    As a mum of two young kids, how do you keep them busy over the Summer?

    We spend all our time outdoors over the summer. Going to parks and playgrounds, or just paddling in the garden. I like to set up five-minute activities for the kids which are easy and educational – which is why I started my Five Minute Mum blog! We play endless games with the box – 10 of them are in my YouTube Video! We use the ice packs as water squirters by pricking tiny holes in one end to water the garden or have a water fight with each other, or sometimes we build wobbly bridges with them as bricks.
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    How else do you reuse your HelloFresh packaging?

    I pass the wool from the woolcool over to the kids’ nursery because I used to work in pre-school and those kind of resources are always so useful for crafts (although the kids also sometimes like to use the wool to make a bed for their teddies and dolls!) Anything plastic I often use in water play as the children love to fill up different containers with water. So I leave them a washing up bowl full of water, a jug and all the different sized pots for them to play with.

    And what about cooking – do the kids help out in the kitchen? 

    Ewan and Florence love to cook. They especially like to bake cakes and biscuits but they regularly pull up a chair next to me while I chop veg for dinner. Mushrooms are a great one for them to help with as they can cut them up with one of their own little knives. They also love to crack eggs!

    What are your best cooking time-savers? 

    Order the rapid box! My only time-saving tip is to have your own dinner at 5pm with the kids. Because then by the time they are bathed and in bed you are totally free to chill out in the evening rather than THEN beginning to prep and cook. I eat with the kids and my partner eats his when he gets in from work.
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