3 Detox Water Recipes For 2017

January 5, 2017
by Trisha Our Recipes


    You know the drill. Every year, you promise yourself you’re going to drink more water as you imagine your skin glowing like some kind of incredible moisturiser advert. We can’t guarantee movie star skin, BUT this detox water is simple and adds more nutrition and flavour to your water.  Just chop up some lemons, limes and oranges… and add them to your water. You’ll be living the tasty water dream without falling into the sugar trap of fizzy soft drinks.


    Here’s what to know to jazz up your H2O:

    Glass, glass, glass

    Avoid plastic containers that may have hormone disrupting chemicals. Choose a beautiful glass container that will show off your fresh produce and is kinder the environment and you!

    Fresh Produce Prepping

    • Softer fruits like strawberries and citrus work best as they infuse for more quickly. If you use harder fruits like apple be sure to slice them very thinly to help release more flavour.
    • Try adding veggies like cucumber for a fresh clean taste. Use a vegetable peeler to prep this type of veg to get maximum infusion.
    • Add fresh herbs. Mint is always popular, but slightly more peppery herbs also taste great and bring out the flavour of some fruits, try basil, rosemary or coriander! Tear or ‘muddle’ these herbs a little with a spoon to help release their flavour.
    • Ginger also works a treat – it’s best to grate it into your water to get the best dispersion of flavour.

    Time and Temperature

    • Infuse you water at room temperature for no more than 2 hours, thereafter keep it refrigerated.


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