5 Kid-Friendly Recipes For The Whole Family

February 19, 2019
by Rebecca Down Our Recipes

    It’s no secret that little kids love to lend a helping hand. They want to do what the ‘big kids’ do and are always up for being a helper when mum and dad ask, especially in the kitchen!

    Kitchens are, of course, home to our knives, stoves, kettles and other appliances, that are unsafe for children. However, there are many steps within a recipe where kids can help, that don’t require them to use any of these items!

    We’ve chosen five Family Box recipes from our archive that kids will not only enjoy eating but can be part of the cooking process too.

    1. Sweet and Sour Stir-Fried Veggies with Lime and Coriander Rice

    This 15-minute dish is the ultimate quick fix for the days when you’re totally rushed off your feet. Packed with loads of hidden veg, Chef Jesse has included pineapple to give a really lovely sweetness to the dish that works perfectly with the rich umami sauce. This sauce is an easy thing for the kids to help stir together as well as sprinkling the finished dish with sesame seeds (for those who like them!).

    2. Greek Pork Kofta Wraps with Wedges 

    Wraps are one of those meals that kids can plate and assemble themselves however they see fit! These wraps also have little pork koftas inside, which they can help make and roll before cooking.

    3. Classic Shepherd’s Pie

    A family favourite, our classic shepherd’s pie recipe is a guaranteed dinner winner. Our spring onion mash is perfectly creamy and is a great thing to ask the kids to prep before popping the dish into the oven.

    4. Super Quick Mexican Chilli

    On the table in 20 minutes flat, our speedy Mexican chilli is the perfect recipe for busy evenings. As you’re cooking the chilli, ask the kids to prep the zesty sour cream and pull the leaves off the coriander.

    5. Herby Sausage Bolognese

    A favourite at the Fresh Farm, Mimi’s take on this Italian classic is quick, colourful and contains three of your five a day. The homemade cheesy garlic breads are a great thing for your little helpers to assemble.

    Bonus Tip: When kids help us cook, it’s bound to take a little longer to make this dish than it usually would. So, if you’re in a rush, but still want them to feel like they’ve helped, get them to put the salt and pepper on at the end. It may not seem like much, but to them it’s everything!

    Happy cooking with the kids!

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