Caribbean-inspired recipes to get you in the mood for Notting Hill Carnival

August 20, 2019
by Hattie Eat

    This weekend, London will set aside the days of their Bank Holiday weekend for one of the largest street carnivals in the world, Notting Hill Carnival. 

    A celebration of Caribbean heritage, the festival is brimming with full-bodied, feisty dishes made with amazing flavours. Here are our favourite picks inspired by Carnival that offer a true taste of sunshine.

    Jerk Chicken with Coconut Rice and Bean Sweetcorn Salsa

    Think Jerk Chicken, think Jamaica. This quintessential Jamaican ingredient has a distinct flavour thanks to allspice together with hot peppers, ginger and thyme. This dish is the perfect balance of heat, sweet and savoury.

    Caribbean Style Chicken Stew with Herby Ciabatta

    Made with jerk spice mix, our Caribbean style chicken stew is colourful, hot and full of flavour. 

    Prawn and Black Bean Curry with Brown Rice & Quinoa

    Our specially blended Caribbean Adobo spice (a fragrant mix of white cumin seeds, red chillies, fennel seeds and oregano) create a taste that will take your curry game to the next level. 

    Caribbean Chilli with Coconut Rice and Sweetcorn Salsa

    The secret to this chilli is the Poudre de Colombo spice mix, which may have originated in Sri Lanka but it adds an unmistakenly sunny Caribbean vibe to anything you cook with it, including this chilli. Sweetened with mango chutney and served with coconut rice, it’s sunshine in a bowl!

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