Introducing Our Box’s New Look August 9, 2019

by Hattie Uncategorized

Over the last few weeks, some of our customers have been the first to receive our new box,  which will soon to be delivered to doorsteps across the country.

Let us explain why we have made this change…

We‘ve recently invested in a new production line which allows us to offer you more choice whilst reducing packaging. However, as part of this, we no longer have meal kit bags. We know this will be a  big change to how you receive your ingredients, but over time this change will unlock more recipes, more products and increased convenience. 

Reducing our packaging 

You’ll also notice the new box is now entirely green because here at HelloFresh, we think green is great. And this attitude doesn’t stop at looks. With our new box, we’re taking steps to be kinder to the planet, too.  

Cutting the amount of packaging in your recipe box is just one of the things we’re doing to help reduce our impact on the environment and improve sustainability. This year alone, we’ve reduced the amount of packaging by 20% in our boxes. 

Our new box marks the start of our commitment to reducing the amount of packaging that goes into our boxes.

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Unblocked says:

It’s difficult to find well-informed people about this subject,
but you seem like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

Lucinda Ash says:

It’s a shame it wont be decided into paper bags. Makes it so much easier rather than all the ingredients in one box together. Will see how it goes, might have to switch to another box!

Emily says:

While I am very happy you are reducing packaging, I find having the whole recipe and ingredients in one paper bag is really helpful. I just take these from the box and put the whole thing in the fridge. Makes everything very easy. Are these going?

Adrian keirle says:

Don’t like the new box atall, we like to have separate bags. We had one container break. This is how Gusto sends their food and we didn’t like it so we came back to you, now we are undecided whether to carry on with you with this new box.

joanne smith says:

The new box is a joke, the ingredients arrive damaged, split open,the “fresh” veg has been rolling around the box, and the convenience of grabbing a bag to cook has now gone,i now have to hunt down all the ingredients in the fridge, i may as well just shop at a supermarket for about 40% less in cost. The whole saving is 4 brown bags that can be recycled but i now have a holder for items such as stock so total saving is minimal for the environment. Not a fan at all,i will see how it goes for a few weeks and if no better will just switch to another provider,shame as i have had hellofresh since January and have loved it.

Sarah Trivett says:

As much as i agree with reducing packaging and saving the planet it was so much easier for busy working parents when all the ingredients for each meal came in their own paper bag. Maybe look at changing the plastic pots and bags to biodegradable plastic or cardboard and bring the individual bags back?

David says:

Whilst I understand the reasoning ongoing green it probably helps cut the costs of packaging and labour to pack. However I doubt it’s less green in real terms. We used the brown paper kit bags for our food waste, the old boxes were perfect for our garage storage and neatly fitted on our shelving. The insulation bags are used to line our household waste bin and the insulation used to line our garage roof. Reuse and recycle nay be a greener option? I would prefer the kit bags to be returned and the plastic bags used for parsley etc omitted instead plus the new boxes are inferior and not reusable in my view. False economy?

Chris Colletta says:

What a joke. We use you for convenience this makes it harder. We have now cancelled our subscription. Omitting paper recyclable bags doesn’t make you greener. We now just buy ingredients from the supermarket from the meal cards we saved. It’s actually cheaper and the same result.

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