Introducing Our New Rapid Box January 5, 2018

by Rebecca Down Eat

From Box To Plate in 20 Minutes.

At HelloFresh, we believe that being short of time should never stand in the way of cooking delicious meals. So on that note, we are really excited to announce the launch of our *BRAND NEW* Rapid Box.

Our Rapid Box has everything you need to cook quick, delicious recipes from box to plate in just 20 minutes. With fresh, pre-measured ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes, delivered straight to your door, this is the perfect box for those extra busy evenings. Choose from a weekly selection of 4 rapid recipes and – for the nights when you’ve got a little more time to spare – you can also choose to add 2 Classic Box recipes.

“I’m too busy to cook” is now a thing of the past…

Our Five Favourite Rapid Recipes

It was hard but here are 5 of our favourite recipes from our brand new Rapid Box. Keep your eyes open – they’ll be on the menu in the next couple of weeks!

Tostadas Rapidas

Big on flavour but short on prep, these 20 minute tostadas are about to steal the dinner time limelight. Tostadas are simply toasted tortillas, which are assembled to replicate an edible plate! Pile them high with spicy beef, a dollop of limey sour cream and a sprinkling of coriander, and you’re good to go! Who said you needed to spend hours in the kitchen to create a masterpiece?

Beef Feijoada

Feijoada is a meaty version of the Brazilian staple dish of cooked black beans, feijão, incorporating chorizo and beef to create a beautifully rich flavour. Traditionally prepared over a low heat in a thick clay pot and simmered for an hour, tonight’s recipe will prove that you can create the same depth of flavour in double quick time. Twenty-minute recipes don’t get more delicious than this one!

Paprika Spiced Cod with Herbed Potatoes and Garlic Mayo

At HelloFresh we believe that being short of time should never stand in the way of getting delicious looking and tasting recipes on the table. With its flaky, meaty white flesh and subtle flavour, cod is one of our favourite fish for an everyday feast. Spiced with smoky paprika and served with crushed herby potatoes and crunchy mangetout, this recipe proves that it pays to keep things simple.

Seared Turkey Steak with Creamy Lentils and Sweet Potato

Chef André attributes his love of food to his father, a Frenchman and a chef, and says that his fondest childhood memories are of family meals around his parents’ kitchen table. This recipe is a rapid recreation of one of the dishes that made regular appearances on that very table and is one we hope you love as much as he does. André’s creamy lentils aren’t famous for nothing!

Indonesian Inspired Curry with Courgette, Green Beans and Star Anise Rice

They grow a lot of coconuts in Indonesia and love to cook with them. The country’s food is often spicy but the heat is offset with sweetness from the coconuts and often a sour note too. We’re attempting this balancing act in today’s curry. The sauce bathing the veggies should be hot, sharp and sweet. Top it all off with golden toasted cashews and the herbal note of coriander and enjoy!

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I live on my own, these dishes are for 2+, please can you make these for one? Cheers Stuart.

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