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September 12, 2023
by Kate Sustainability

    Certain weather conditions can change the appearance of some ingredients when they arrive in your HelloFresh box. Bruised, browning or a little discoloured doesn’t mean certain veggies are destined for food waste! 

    Did you know HelloFresh customers waste 21% less food compared to those buying from supermarkets, thanks to ingredients being measured in just the right amounts? Help reduce food waste even more by saving fruit and vegetables that may arrive in your box looking a little less than perfect due to weather and transit – but are still perfectly good to eat! 


    The hot summer of 2022 caused some challenges for crops in the UK, including the humble potato. If you notice any sprouting, browning or thin cracks on your potatoes, don’t worry – this won’t affect their taste or quality. Simply remove them and use as much of the rest of the potato as you can in your delicious HelloFresh recipes!  


    When the white part of a cauliflower gets too much sun it can turn it pink or yellow, and bags of florets sometimes get brown spots from exposure to light and air. If you notice these colours on your cauliflower, they’re still perfectly good to eat – but if you prefer to, you can easily scrape off the spots with a knife. 

    cauliflower image uk

    Green Beans

    Our green beans can also be mechanically harvested which can lead to some bruising and browning caused by oxidation on the cut ends – a reaction that occurs in the presence of oxygen, leading to browning. Just cut off the tops and the tail ends of the beans before you cook with them. If you notice clusters of brown dots on the beans (called rust), please dispose of them. 

    green beans chopped on chopping board uk

    Leafy Greens

    We recommend giving your leafy greens a really good wash before you start cooking with them. If your greens arrive a little wilted due to warm summer weather, don’t worry – they’ll still be fine to eat.

    leafy greens fried in pan uk


    We work very closely with our suppliers to give you beautifully ripened tomatoes, however as they are packed loose to reduce our plastic, they do not always arrive without damage. Plus, over summer, tomatoes ripen faster which can lead to splitting and cracking. If they’re not already ripe, we recommend leaving them at room temperature for a few days until they ripen, then put them in the fridge to preserve their freshness. 

    tomatoes on vine in a bowl image uk

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