The Veg Have Eyes | Waste Less This Halloween

October 25, 2022
by Kate Eat

    With all your ingredients arriving in pre-measured amounts, enjoying more taste and less waste is all part of the HelloFresh experience every time you cook. And with spooky season just around the corner, there’s plenty you can do this Halloween, too. It’s time to give a new lease of life to the fruit and veg in your fridge and cupboards that’s just about to turn. Introducing: The Veg Have Eyes…

    Discover Wicked Witches Fingers made from wonky carrots, creepy Brussel Sprout Spiders, ghostly Squash Ghouls, scary Screaming Potatoes and eerie-sistible Watermelon Skulls. This Halloween take a look at these tricks to turn everyday fruit and vegetables into fang-tastic food-art creations. 

     To make your own creations at home, follow these simple steps:

    Wicked Witches Fingers

    Witches Fingers recipe image

    Step One:  Find the creepiest, crookedest carrots in your cupboard

    Step Two: Next, scrub each carrot, revealing the striking orange flesh and carefully cut in a nib where the finger nail will sit

    Step Three:  Find a ghoulish dip to fill the nib and act as ‘glue’ for your nail – red pepper hummus works – then top with your finger nail of choice, we went for pickled chilli


    Brussel Sprout Spiders

    Brussels sprouts spiders recipe image

    Step One:  Pick the two scariest sprouts you can find, and peel one so that it is half the size of the other 

    Step Two: Use a cocktail stick to pin them together, with the smaller one at the front to form the head 

    Step Three: Now to add the legs, slice a cabbage leaf into eight thin strips and sit them on top. Also, add in 2 scary eyes to bring the creation to life


    Screaming Potatoes 

    Screaming potatoes recipe image

    Step One: Wash your baby potatoes but make sure to keep the skin on!

    Step Two: Use a melon baller or thin knife to carve out your scary, screaming face 

    Step Three: Finally, pop your creepy creations in the oven, baking for around 30 minutes until soft


    Squash Ghouls

    squash ghouls recipe image

    Step One:  Get a marker pen and draw your design of choice onto what will be your Squash Ghoul

    Step Two: Next, carefully slice across the bottom of the squash and remove the inside with a spoon until hollow

    Step Three: Finally, carve out your petrifying pattern and place a candle underneath to reveal a ghoulishly glowing creation


    Watermelon Skulls

    Watermelon skulls recipe image

    Step One: Grab your watermelon and pinpoint the eyes, mouth and skull shape

    Step Two: Slice down the melon, revealing the red interior of the skull shape – but be careful – when you get to the mouth, only peel off the rind, leaving the white for carving teeth 

    Step Three: Once you have your shape – use a spoon to hollow out the eyes and two small holes for nostrils. Now you should be seeing the skull come to life – finish off by carving the cheek bones and teeth


    Stuffed Carved Peppers

    stuffed carved peppers

    Step One:  To a large pan, add mince to onion, garlic, salt, paprika and black pepper and keep stirring until browned

    Step Two: Meanwhile, grab your peppers and cut the tops off also removing the seeds and membranes

    Step Three: Now you have a hollow pepper it’s time to get creative, carefully carve out your spooky design of choice 

    Step Four: Arrange your peppers on a baking tray, and bake for 10 minutes, until soft 

    Step Five: Once the mince is browned, stir in tomatoes, tomato puree and parsley until heated through 

    Step Six: Take the peppers out of the oven and scoop in the cooked mince, adding some melted cheese on top to finish, bone appetit!

    Discover more Halloween horrors…

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