Have you tried our recipes, inspired by WONKA?

December 5, 2023
by Kate Eat

    Have you noticed some curiously yummy, fantastically fun, and delightfully delicious recipes on our menu recently? Are you excited to watch Warner Bros. new Wonka movie? To find out more, keep reading!

    We’ve created a mouth-watering Wonka-inspired range of recipes for you to try in honour of the new movie, in cinemas December 8th. Based on the extraordinary character at the centre of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and one of the best-selling children’s books of all time, Wonka tells the wondrous story of how the world’s greatest inventor, magician and chocolate-maker became the beloved Willy Wonka we know today. Discover a delicious selection of dreamy desserts, dinners and more for all kinds of occasions. Plus, make sure you add a Wonka– inspired recipe to your box and enter our competition!

    Wake up to HelloFresh a recipe inspired by the new Wonka movie.

    Breakfasts don’t get much more brilliant than our selection on the expanded menu. Why not try Wonka’s Wonderfully Wacky Swirly-Whirly Cinnamon Oats?

    Wonka's Wonderfully Wacky Swirly-Whirly Cinnamon Oats
with White Chocolate Drizzle image

    Dig into our new dinner recipes, inspired by Wonka

    Unbox our Wonka-inspired recipes at home and cook up something truly yummy for tea. Bring a weeknight treat to the table with Wonka’s Wonderful Maple Bacon Mac & Cheese, packed with delicious flavours and a surprisingly sweet twist. The family will love the Unbelievably Scrummy Burgers, too! Check out the menu coming up here.

    Wonka’s Wonderful Maple Bacon Mac & Cheese recipe image

    Decadently delicious desserts 

    A Too-Good-To Tear ‘n’ Share Christmas Tree with Chocolate Orange and Cinnamon Salted Caramel Filling, Wonka’s Plum-tastic Puff Pastry Tart…need we say more? Finish off your Wonka-inspired dinner with something sweet – you can find the recipes in our expanded menu once you’ve chosen your main HelloFresh recipes. 

    Wonka's Plum-tastic Puff Pastry Tart recipe image

    Competition time!

    From a family weekend in London to official Wonka 2023 film merchandise bundles and more, scan the QR code on your Wonka-inspired recipe card for a chance to win amazing prizes. Click here to find out more.

    Wonka movie poster

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