Celebrat-in With Angellica Bell

March 29, 2023
by Kate Eat

    We teamed up with TV presenter and Celebrity MasterChef winner, Angellica Bell to show how easy it is to be the ‘host with the most’ and create your own budget-friendly dinner party for your friends and family.

    Angellica’s top tips for entertaining

    Cooking for loved ones doesn’t need to be time consuming, difficult or expensive – especially when you can make a delicious HelloFresh recipe to impress your guests! With dishes starting from just £3.15 per serving and the option to add portions, all that’s left to do is set the scene for your feast and “celebrat-in”. Check out Angellica’s top tips below on entertaining and hosting your very own dinner party at home.

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    The perfect menu

    “Probably the most important part of any dinner party is the food. The ultimate soiree needs to have a delicious menu that will leave everyone wanting more. What I love about HelloFresh is that there are over 40 recipes on the menu each week, meaning that no matter who I’m cooking for and what their preferences are, there is something for everyone.”

    Image of Angellica Bell at Celebrat-In event

    Easy entertainment

    “Once the festivities are in full swing, a key part of any unforgettable dinner party is the entertainment. I love to play a few games around the table when I’m hosting and one of my favourites is a simple ‘who am I’ which only requires a classic pen and paper! I always ask people to guess how much the party has cost to put together as another fun activity because seeing their faces when I reveal the food was just £3.15pp with HelloFresh is a picture!”

    Image of person holding mushroom pasta dish

    Table tricks

    “One of the most expensive parts of any dinner party is purchasing enough plates and glasses for everyone attending. An easy way to reduce this is to ask guests to bring their own or to borrow from friends and family beforehand. I love the mismatched rustic look and at the end of the day all that matters is having a great time with the people you love (and a great meal, of course!).”

    Celebrat-in event - dinner table with candles, flowers and food

    Smart prepping 

    “As soon as I know I have friends coming round I’ll start to make lists of everything I need. The earlier you make a note and figure out quantities, the easier it will be when it comes round to cooking. The beauty of HelloFresh is that the recipes are on the website weeks in advance, and the pre-portioned ingredients reduce both preparation time and food waste with no excess ingredients.”

    Angellica Bell at Celebrat-In PR Event at HelloFresh kitchens

    Avoid any surprises!

    “There’s nothing worse than people turning up for a dinner party and you serve them a meal they’re unable to eat. Checking for dietary requirements ahead of time will make sure the event runs smoothly.”


    [columns_row width=”third”] [column]Angellica Bell with bunch of tulips[/column] [column]Angellica Bell with bunch of tulips[/column] [column]Angellica Bell with bunch of tulips[/column] [/columns_row]

    Check out the HelloFresh menu for dinner party recipes, and cook up something delicious for your loved ones. 

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