Ice Lollies Recipe: Strawberry and Cream

March 10, 2017
by Trisha Eat

    Easy ice lollies recipe

    Delicious Homemade Ice Lollies

    Whether it’s Easter half term or the Summer holidays, these homemade ice lollies are a fabulous way  to keep your kids busy. Plus it’s so simple that they’ll hardly need any supervision, so you can put your feet up and have a few minutes and calm.

    Whether you’ve got kids or you’re just a big kid who relishes an ice lolly as much as we do at the Fresh Farm, you should give these a go. The sweltering heat (here’s hoping) of Spring and Summer demands it. If you don’t have ice lolly moulds, don’t worry you can also use some plastic cups. You will need some wooden sticks though. Before you get started here are some useful tips.

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    How to Make the Perfect Ice Lolly

    1. Put your ice lolly sticks in half way through freezing. This allows the sticks to have enough stability to stay straight, while still allowing them to be pushed in easily
    2. If you’re having trouble getting your ice lolly out of its mould, just run some luke warm water over the mould and they should release
    3. If you want a fun ice lolly for an adult dinner party, you could always add a bit of prosecco to a fruit lolly.
    4. For the most flavoursome ice lollies use juices or yoghurt as a base.
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    5 New Flavours to Try in your Lolly

    1. Matcha
    2. Pineapple juice
    3. Peanut butter
    4. Coffee
    5. Hot Chocolate
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    Strawberry and Cream Ice Lollies Recipe


    • 200 ml plain yogurt
    • 50ml milk
    • 12 whole fresh strawberries (in slices)
    • 3 tsps honey


    1. mix together the yoghurt, honey and milk
    2. add the strawberries into the ice lolly moulds
    3. then pour in the yoghurt
    4. Freeze for an hour
    5. After an hour add in the wooden sticks
    6. Freeze for at least 5 hours
    7. If you find it hard to remove the ice lollies, run some luke warm water on the outside of the moulds and you’ll be able to get them out slightly more easily
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    We’ve been completely inspired by Billy from Wit & Vinegars popsicle week. If you love the idea of these ice lollies, you’ll find hundreds of incredible recipes on his page!

    Our favourites:

    Pimms Popsicles

    Peach Pops

    Brownie Fudgicles


    ice lollies

    Not a Strawberry fan?

    If you don’t like strawberries, you can substite them in this recipe for any other type of berry – from raspberries to blueberries.


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