Our Pork Suppliers: Hog & Beyond

March 11, 2017
by Trisha How to cook

    Hog and Beyond supplier

    Hog & Beyond started life as street food with a singular purpose – to put a smile on people’s faces. Now they also supply their delicious pork products to us at HelloFresh. Simon and Matt, founders of Hog & Beyond, felt that by sharing their awesome food, they could change, or even make, someone’s day and hopefully inspire them to try and recreate some great food at home.

    HelloFresh Meat Supplier

    What kind of pigs do you rear?

    We are really proud of our farm to fork credentials, as it not only guarantees quality but also full traceability. Richard Riley is from solid farming stock and oversees our agricultural side; allour pigs are outdoor bred across Yorkshire, Norfolk and Suffolk to strict health and welfare standards. It is really important to us that all our pigs are well cared for and are able to exhibit their natural behaviour. Very recently we were named a Tier 1 producer in the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare – it’s an incredible achievement by Richard and the team as only six companies in the world have Tier 1 status and it basically means we are seen as a global leader on farm animal welfare.

    “Only six companies in the world have Tier 1 status!”

    Hog and Beyond pork

    What’s the weirdest story you’ve got about Hog and Beyond?

    We were at Malton Food Lovers Festival last May and served a group of guys with Geordie accents some of our Pork & Chorizo burgers. They turned up again the next day and told us they had driven down from Darlington just to have another burger. That’s a three hour round trip just for lunch!

    What’s your favourite pork recipe by HelloFresh?

    [columns_row width=”half”] [column]Thai ‘Moo Pad Krapow’ recipe[/column] [column]Pork Satay Burgers with Paprika Sweet Potato Wedges[/column] [/columns_row]

    Matt: I think it was one of the first HelloFresh recipes I had. I love a burger, and the Pork Satay Burger had it all – sourness from the lime, sweetness from the pork, saltiness and texture from the peanuts. Throw in the coriander and it’s got to be a winner.
    Simon: Mine is also Asian inspired – the Thai Moo Pad Krapow. Fresh and well balanced. I really liked how the Thai basil came through in the finished dish.

    What surprising flavour goes well with pork?

    Simon: Surprising in the sense it isn’t traditional; we are seeing more Middle Eastern flavours coming through – Ras el Hanout and Harissa work really well; it goes to show pork’s versatility and that you can cook with pork whatever you would with chicken and it will work just as well.
    Matt: Probably not surprising, but possibly unfamiliar – gochujang. It is an awesome fermented chilli, glutinous rice and soybean paste from Korea which after the initial heat offers a sweet finish, and that keeps you going back for more. You can also get it as bright red flakes, which can be used to coat the outside of a burger or pork medallion and give an amazing, stand out appearance.[separator type=”space”]

    Try Hog & Beyond’s Pork

    If you want to try Hog & Beyond’s award winning pork with some delicious new flavour combinations, try a HelloFresh box. We’ll send you all the ingredients and recipes you need to cook up a storm in 30 minutes.

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