7 Reasons Why Recipe Boxes Are Taking the Nation by Storm

February 14, 2017
by Trisha Eat

    @The popularity of recipe boxes is growing at an astounding rate, with families and couples up and down the country digging in every night. Here’s why:

    1. They Save You Time

    The average Brit spends around 8 hours a month in the supermarket.

    Ouch! Cue recipe boxes: they’ll save you time by sourcing all the fresh ingredients you need for dinner with delicious recipes to match, every week. All you need is half an hour in the evening to follow their simple recipe intructions and cook up a storm.

    2. You’ll Cook New Delicious Recipes

    The average Brit cooks the same 12 recipes over the course of a year.

    With recipe boxes, you’ll cook a whopping average of 156 recipes a year with minimal effort and incredibly easy to follow recipe created by chefs. So rather than having spag bol or pasta pesto twice a week, you’ll mix it up with new flavours or twists on old classics like Chermoula and Yoghurt Spiced Chicken Pilaf or Apricot and Pecan Stuffed Pork with Honey Glazed Carrots and Green Mash. Simple! Even gold medal Olympiad Jessica Ennis loves them:

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    “Gorgeous chicken noodle stir fry cooked by the hubby last night @hellofreshuk yum!”

    – Dame Jessica Ennis, Olympic Gold Winner[/column] [/columns_row]

    3. They’ll Work for Your Diet

    Everyone has their own taste in food.

    With recipe boxes you can choose the recipes and number of meals that fit your diet and lifestyle. Whether you’re a family, a vegetarian or a meat eater, there are boxes for you and you can also choose to have just 3 meals a week or 5 meals a week for 2-5 people. Additionally, if you don’t like fish, pork or you only want recipes that are under 600 calories, there’s a menu option for you.


    4. You Won’t Dread Dinnertime


    58% of people asked want a convenient way to spice up their dinners.

    Recipe boxes plan everything for you, and break recipes down into clear steps without jargon, so you can relax and enjoy your day knowing that you’ve got everything you need at home, at the ready to cook a delicious, nutritious dinner in no time.

    5. They Reduce Waste

    Recipe boxes send you perfectly portioned ingredients.

    If you can’t stand waste, recipe boxes are for you. They’ll only send you the exact ingredients you need for every recipe. So you won’t have stray jars of random herbs that never get used again or leftovers that’ll get thrown away. Not only will this reduce food waste and have a positive impact on the environment, it also means you can test out lots of different flavours and then see which ones you like best, without commiting to spending money on a supermarket size portion of spices.

    6. They’re Better Value Than You Think

    Recipe box meals cost as little as £4.00 per portion

    Everyone thinks recipe boxes are expensive – but a HelloFresh recipe costs as little as £4.00 per portion, which is not only better value than your average takeaway, it’s also a lot more nutritious, well-balanced and fresh!

    7. They’ll Deliver to Your Door

    Yep. In fact they often have very flexible delivery times, including Sunday deliveries to fit with your schedule so you don’t have to worry about waiting around at home. You can even nominate a trusty neighbour to leave it with if you’d like.

    Spice up your Dinners

    HelloFresh are the UK’s leading recipe box company. Give them

    a try to spice up your dinnertimes, the simple way.

    [button content=”Get £20 Off” color=”yellow” text=”black” url=”https://www.hellofresh.com/tasty/food-boxes/?c=BRCP5AWK7BPTWG4QHRGF” openin=”_self”]

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