4 Veggie Burgers That Actually Taste Good

July 18, 2016
by Trisha Our Recipes

    You know when you get a veggie burger… and you bite in to what tastes like an eternity of tumbleweeds and dusty dessert sand? Yep, thought so. No longer will you fear that first bite – with our succulent veggie burger recipes.

    mushroom aubergine burger

    1.Mushroom & Aubergine Cheese Burger

    Burgers are one of the best inventions and being a vegetarian shouldn’t mean you’re left disappointed. These hearty burgers are packed with gorgeously flavourful roasted vegetables and topped with creamy cheese. Sandwiched in a nutty, wholemeal bap and with a simple but effective olive and red onion salad.


    Cajun halloumi burgers

    2. Cajun Halloumi Burger

    For this recipe the secret’s in the sauce. The garlic sauce to be precise. Rather than simply chop the garlic into little bits (which doesn’t spread the flavour evenly), you’ll be using the flat of your knife to make a paste instead. It’s a bit cheffy, but when you taste the end result you’ll never go back!

    Kidney bean and lentil burger vegetarian

    3. Hearty Kidney Bean Burger

    Until recently Head Chef Patrick thought that his search for the perfect burger was a solitary, carnivorous affair. Until Kelly came along. Kelly is our one of our vegetarian chefs and like Patrick, her thoughts are often filled with bun-sandwiched possibility. For this recipe, she decided to use the heartiness of kidney beans and lentils together with the smokiness of paprika to create a delicious, soft-textured burger with a fantastic crispy edge. We recommend keeping a little cheese back at the end to top it off. Delicious!

    lentil burger vegetarian

    4. Curried Lentil Burger

    Every week literally thousands of you wonderful cooks give us feedback on our recipes via the little questionnaire we email to you. And every week our Renee reads through every single answer (we’ve given her a comfortable chair and as much tea as she likes to ease the process). A lot of mentions have been coming through about creating a hearty veggie burger so Patrick headed into the kitchen and this tasty number was the result. Let us know what you think!

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