7 recipes perfectly paired with binge-worthy movies and TV shows

May 22, 2020
by Hattie Our Recipes

    Comfy chair? Check. Remote control? Check. Indulgent and delicious food? Coming right up…

    Whether you’re in the mood for a new TV series to binge or a classic you haven’t seen in a generation, these recommendations will keep your eyes glued to that screen and, with perfectly paired HelloFresh recipes, the ultimate night in couldn’t be easier!


    The O.C.

    If you like: Teen Drama

    A series that defined the turn of the millennium, the O.C. was teen TV at it’s absolute best. It follows a troubled but gifted young man, Ryan, from a broken home is adopted by the wealthy Sandy and Kirsten Cohen. Ryan and his foster brother Seth deal with life as outsiders in the high-class world of Newport Beach. Once you start with the O.C., you just won’t be able to stop!

    While watching the show, munch on these Miso Aubergine Tacos to see you through a couple of seasons. 

    Modern Family 

    If you like: Feel-good comedy

    If you haven’t seen Modern Family, you should. And if you have, you won’t have to think twice about a MF marathon. A dysfunctional domestic sitcom, Modern Family is hilarious and also teaches family values.

    Cook up our Crumbed Chicken Burger with Sriracha Mayo and Ginger Carrot Slaw, a firm family favourite, and settle in and pass the time. 

    Game of Thrones 

    If you like: Action

    You know a show is going to be a good binge watch when you’re tearing your hair out waiting for new episodes. The epic fantasy storyline came to a close in 2019, so if you’re yet to start or just never quite finished, you can now stream every episode for the ultimate binge-fest. 

    Inspired by Jon Snow, give these ~cool~ vegan ice creams a try!

    Stranger Things

    If you like: Suspense

    Smash hit Stranger Things is seen as more of a film than a TV series by its creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, which makes it one of the most satisfying to binge-watch on this list. The series is a homage to the era of Spielberg’s ‘ET’ and the 1980s themselves, it is scary, surprising and moving. 

    Finger food is the best kind for any TV marathon, and you’ll not want to leave the sofa, that’s why these Honey Glazed Chicken Flatbreads are so perfect. They come with Harissa Veg and Feta-Baked Sweet Potato Wedges. 



    If you like: Meaningful messages

    This is a touching, feel-good family movie with positive messages throughout. It tells a story of acceptance, kindness and appreciating people for who they are. 

    We figured something so heart-warming deserves a feel-good dish and what’s more comforting than a bowl of delicious pasta? Our Porky Pappardelle is just the thing. 

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 

    If you like: A family favourite

    One for a family film night, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a classic that appeals to every member of the family. Don’t make the mistake of watching Tim Burton’s newer version of the film first. While this film was released in 1971, it captures Roald Dahl’s quirky book much better than the newer film. 

    The chocolate factory calls for one thing and one thing only…chocolate, of course! Try our buttermilk pancakes and sticky maple plums for the perfect Sunday afternoon treat. 

    The Breakfast Club

    If you like: A timeless cult classic

    A perfect rainy day film, this quintessential 80’s American teen comedy can be watched and rewatched countless times. 

    It’s only right, then, that we match this film with an all-American recipe, our Chilli ‘n’ Cheese Topped Smoky Sausage with Bacon Jam, Fries and Slaw. 

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