Learn to Roast the Perfect Turkey December 15, 2015

by Trisha Our Cooking tools

How to roast the perfect turkey

As our customers know, our head chef Patrick is pretty amazing. When he’s not creating recipes for our boxes, he’s known as the 60 second chef! That’s right, he creates cooking tutorials in just 60 seconds.  KABOOOOM!

Christmas Dinner in 10 minutes

Ok, so that was a bit of a misleading headline… you won’t actually be able to cook Christmas dinner in 10 minutes – that would be madness! BUT you can learn how to cook the whole thing in that time.  For 10 whole videos you can buy the course is free, you just need to sign up! I can highly recommend it.

Here is an exclusive sneak peek of how to roast the perfect potatoes:
the perfect roast potatoes

If you want to watch the videos for the perfect roast turkey, the tastiest stuffing and killer gravy – click the links!

Happy Cooking!

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