How to Plan the Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt April 6, 2017

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Keep your little lambs entertained this Easter by rustling up some homemade treats and hiding them around your house and garden to create the ultimate springtime Easter egg hunt. We’ve even created a couple of sign posts to keep everyone on the right track!

We’ve created a ten-step Easter trail for your kids to follow, leading them to the Easter treasure.  Write each clue to the back of our Easter Egg Hunt sign posts or write them out onto small pieces of coloured paper. Weather dependant, you can throw a couple of your own clues into the mix to get the kids running about outside. If, however, it’s drizzly or you don’t have access to a garden, simply use our clues to create the perfect indoor Easter trail.

Planning your Easter Egg Hunt

  1. Print out your Easter Egg Hunt signs here 
  2. Cut them out with a pair of scissors.
  3. With a little bit of glue or sellotape, attach a lollipop stick/ tooth pick to the back of each Easter Egg Hunt signs.
  4. Write the clues onto the backs of the signs or onto coloured pieces of paper.
  5. Lay out your clues and treats (TIP: change the clues to make them more personal).


Your Clues

Clue 1: I’m cosy and warm and help you sleep at night

Clue 2: Where do you brush your teeth

Clue 3: I’m the place where you wash your dishes

Clue 4: Where do you keep your food cold

Clue 5: What do you wear on your feet to keep them warm

Clue 6: I’m your favourite cereal

Clue 7: You watch me on the weekends, you’re favourite show is __

Clue 8: I’m what you wear when it’s cold outside

Clue 9: I’m your favourite book/ toy

Clue 10: You use me to cook with (find your biggest lidded pan and fill it with the Easter treasure!)

Happy Hunting!

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