Crafty Easter Games for Kids

March 30, 2017
by Rebecca Down HelloFresh Easter

    With the Easter Weekend fast approaching, we’ve come up with a few crafty ideas to keep the kids busy over the Easter Period. From DIY Daffodils to Peek-A-Boo Easter Chicks, these activities can be used to decorate your home and get it looking lovely and spring-like! Don’t forget to tag us with #hellofreshsnaps to share your Easter creations – Happy Easter!

    Peek-A-Boo Chicks

     easter games for kids

    These cute little chicks are super easy to make and will keep the kids busy whilst you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen (or just looking for a bit of down time!). When finished, hole punch the top of the egg, thread them along a piece of string or coloured ribbon and hang them up to give any room a breath of fresh spring air!

    What you’ll need:

    How to make your Peek-A-Boo Chick:

    1. Print as many Peek-a-boo Chick templates as you like (if you like, you can print these templates onto coloured paper or card). Cut the pieces out with some scissors and colour in the chick.

    2. When all three pieces are nice and dry, we can start assembling the egg! Tie the string through the two pieces on the side of the egg to hold them together.

    3. Glue the chick piece to the back of the bottom half of the egg. Make sure when you do this that you glue it so that the top of the chick is covered by the top half of the egg when it is closed and doesn’t stick out!

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    4. Decorate the chick and the two pieces of the egg with paints, pencils, stickers, glitter – don’t hold back, be as creative as you can!

    DIY Daffodils


    You know spring has sprung when bright yellow daffodils start popping up more frequently than the sun in an English summer. These crafty little flowers might not be the real deal but they sure do brighten up any table setting and will keep the kids happy! When finished, pop them into a little jam jar or a small flower pot as a lovely table decoration or – weather permitting you could even stick them into flower beds in the garden!

    What you’ll need:

    • Click and print out Our Daffodil Template
    • Glue
    • Scissors
    • Yellow Card
    • Cupcake cases (Orange, yellow or white)
    • Iceblock Sticks (Lolly Sticks)
    • Some Colour (paints, colouring pencils, felt tips, crayons, stickers, glitter etc!)

    How to make your Daffodils:

    1. Print a couple of our Daffodil templates onto white paper. Cut them out with a pair of scissors. This is the template for your daffodil head.

    2. Either place the template on top of the yellow card, draw around it with a pencil and cut out with scissors, or, if you don’t have any coloured card, simply colour in the print-outs. 

    3. Paint or colour your iceblock sticks green, allow them to dry, and then put a little bit of glue at one end and stick it to the bottom of your daffodil.  

    4. Put a little bit of glue on the bottom of the cupcake cases and place them in the middle of your yellow daffodil heads.

    Carrot and Bunny Ear Footprints


    These Carrot and Bunny Ear footprints are a brilliant way to get creative with your kids this Easter. If you have young kids, they’ll definitely need to be supervised unless you want a house covered in little pink and orange footprints!

    What you’ll need:

    How to make your Bunny Ear footprints:

    1. Lay out an old sheet/ newspaper and make sure that the surfaces you’re working from are covered – let’s keep this as tidy as we can!

    2. Standing on the newspaper, paint footprints pink and place them onto a white or coloured piece of card.

    3. When the paint has dried, cut around your footprints and glue to back side of paper plate where ears would go.  

    4. Print out our bunny mouth template onto white card. Cut it out with a pair of scissors. Stick it to the bottom half of the plate (on the opposite side to where you’ve attached the ears)

    5. Decorate your bunny’s face with button eyes glued to the plate and colour in as you wish!

    How to make your Carrot Footprints:

    1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 as above, using orange paint.

    2. When the paint has dried, cut around your footprints.

    3. Print out our carrot top templates onto white or coloured paper. Cut them out with a pair of scissors. If you’ve printed them onto white paper, colour them in with green felt tips, colouring pencils, or paint.

    4. Glue the carrot tops to the top end of your footprint (where your toes are!)


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