Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas For Your Kids

September 3, 2020
by Rebecca Down Stress-Less

    School uniform – tick! Pens – tick! Books – tick! Lunch-box…?!

    Whilst the thought of coming up with something healthy and exciting for your kids’ lunches may fill you with dread, these simple, quick, and delicious ideas will breathe new life into boring lunchbox fillers. Where you can, try to replace things like chocolate and crisps with foods like fresh fruit and veg, nuts, and low-sugar snacks. Say goodbye to sad soggy sandwiches, and hello to fresh flavorful food that will fill your children up and set them up for double chemistry! For more inspiration, check out our collection of healthy recipes designed to keep lunchtime both fun and nutritious, like the Falafel Mezze Style Lunch Recipe or delicious Fruit Lunchbox Fillers.

    What should every lunchbox contain?

    It’s important to make sure that your children are getting a good range of all the major food groups. Every lunchbox should contain:

    • Carbohydrates: wholemeal bread, rice or pasta
    • Proteins: meats (ham, chicken, turkey), fish (like salmon or prawns), eggs or beans.
    • Dairy: little yoghurt pots and sticks of cheese are a good idea.
    • A portion of fruit and veg
    • Drinks: try Cawston Press’ Fruit Waters for a refreshing on-the-go option

    Our Favourite Healthy Packed Lunch Recipes

    • Tenderstem Broccoli With Parma Ham: Steam the broccoli florets until tender (but still retain a little bit of bite). Remove from the pan and cool. Wrap the florets with small pieces of parma ham. Try this with asparagus if your kids are a little more adventurous!
    • Carrots and Cucumber with Hummus: Peel and cut carrots and cucumber into batons. Serve on their own or with a mini pot of hummus for dipping! You can also include things like pretzels and sweet potato crisps to keep things varied.
    • Boiled Eggs with Edamame BeansPeeled hard boiled eggs are a brilliant thing to pop into your kid’s lunchboxes. Served alongside protein-rich edamame beans, they make a deliciously healthy option to fuel your kids through their busy school day!
    • Cheese and Cherry Tomato Skewers: Cut a cheese of your choice into cubes and turn them into fun skewers with a couple of cherry tomatoes. Remember – novelty is king when it comes to kid’s lunches. If it looks good, they’re more likely to tuck in!

    Lunchbox Snacks:

    • Popcorn: If your child needs a sweet fix then these quick and easy popcorn recipes make a great alternative to a chocolate bar.
    • Fruit Skewers: sliced and chopped up on their own, or turned into colourful fruit kebabs, your kids will be gobbling up their 5-a-day like there’s no tomorrow!

    Got any lunch box go-to ideas you want to share? We’d love to hear from you – comment below!

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