How to Get Kids to Try New Foods

September 15, 2017
by Rebecca Down Stress-Less

    We introduced six kids to three new ingredients they’d never heard of: aubergine, mixed beans and turmeric. They inspected these new foods with curiosity, sniffing, prodding and questioning where they’d come from, but when we asked whether they’d like to eat them, every single one politely refused (…what a surprise!)

    Never ones to back down from a challenge, we decided to see what would happen if we hid these ingredients in delicious HelloFresh meals. Would the kids hate them? Would they be able to spot these new alien ingredients and pick them out? The results may surprise you…

    Our New Kid-Approved Family Recipes

    In the kitchen, kids are the toughest critics. From ‘it’s too spicy’ to ‘I won’t eat broccoli’, we’ve heard it all. As our family recipes are tried and tested by kids themselves (and parents too), who give us feedback to make them the best they can be, we can guarantee that our recipes will become household favourites in no time.

    With our easy-to-follow recipe cards, and pre-portioned ingredients delivered straight to your door, our family recipes are designed to take the stress out of everyday cooking – easy to prepare and quick to clean up. Stress less with our Family Recipe Box, and bring the spark back to your family’s dinner table! Learn more about our new Family recipes by clicking the button below.

    Our Family Box

    Kid-Approved Recipes From Our Video:

    Sicilian Caponata with Aubergine and Garlic Ciabatta:

    try new foods

    Cheddar Beanie Burger with Chips & Nutty Salad: 

    try new foods

    Coconutty Veggie Curry with Turmeric Rice and Peanuts:

    try new foods

    Try Our Family Box

    Tell us what foods your kids refuse to try in the comments below, and we’ll suggest delicious recipes they won’t be able to say no to!

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