Family-Friendly Recipes Guaranteed to Make Dinnertime Easier

September 17, 2020
by Hattie Family Favourites

    Family life can be hectic. Fact. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting home-cooked meals on the table that the whole family can enjoy.

    Our kid-friendly family recipes have been created with busy parents in mind, taking the hassle out of meal-planning, prep and cooking and delivering delicious recipes to feed even the fussiest mouths. Not a single complicated recipe in sight. Plus they are super easy to spot on our weekly menu, simply look out for the ‘Family Friendly’ label on our recipes. Yes, it’s as easy as that!

    Need more easy dinners? Try our fuss-free traybake recipes for families.

    First up, these BBQ Chicken & Black Bean Loaded Wedges with Carrot and Spring Onion

    Get stuck in with these Chicken and Black Bean Loaded Wedges. Our chefs have added shredded carrots to this recipe for a sneaky way to fit veggies into the meal without the kids noticing. Genius.

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    Baked Beef & Gnocchi Ragu With Roasted Peppers

    This unreal comforting bake makes an scrumptious midweek meal since. And, since it’s all cooked in an oven tray, it’s super easy. Wholesome, full of flavour and 100% guaranteed to leave you wanting to lick the plate. We’ll take two.

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    Oven-Baked Risotto with Bacon and Mushroom

    Risotto is so delicious, but the prospect of all that stirring can sometimes be a bit daunting. Chef André to the rescue! He’s simplified the process and created this recipe that lets you just put your risotto in the oven and forget about it until it’s time to eat. All the creamy, luxurious texture with none of the elbow work!

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    Thyme Roast Chicken with Roast Veggies and Sweet Chilli Sauce

    Quick, simple and delicious, our Thyme Roasted Chicken is a real weeknight winner. Roasting chicken with delicate herbs like thyme is a great way to bring the light flavour of the meat to life. Served alongside sweet roasted peppers, carrots and red onion, chunky potato wedges and topped with a sweet chilli glaze to bring some heat to the dish, you really can’t go wrong with the flavours in this dish, it’s a classic that everyone will love.

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    Bacon Rigatoni

    There’s an Italy-meets-Greece vibe to tonight’s dinner. Pasta and bacon lardons are in the Italian corner and feta cheese is representing the Greek contingent. They’re joined by luscious roast aubergine which is equally beloved of both countries. It’s like being on holiday in two places at once. For added dinner table fun, organise a geography quiz as dinner cooks and get the kids to point out Greece and Italy!

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    Creamy Chicken Pasta with Courgette Ribbons

    Sometimes, nothing but creamy pasta will do. Again, there are some well-hidden veggies in this recipe to please even the fussiest eaters thanks to the deliciously rich and creamy pasta sauce.

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    One Pot Mexican Beef and Rice with Cheesy Topping

    Create comfort in a pot with our One Pot Mexican Beef. We love this dish because it saves on washing up and time spent in kitchen, meaning more focus on mealtimes together.

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    Bacon and Savoy Cabbage Bubble and Squeak with Roasted Carrots and Tenderstem

    The kids will love their veggies in these tasty bubble and squeak fritters.

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