5 Quick One Pot Recipes

July 25, 2017
by Rebecca Down Eat

    At HelloFresh, we’re all about making dinner delicious and convenient. For all those one pot lovers out there who simply can’t be doing with washing up lots of different pans – it’s your time to shine. What’s more we’ve got lots of different kinds of pots from the lovely fellows at Prestige.

    One-Pot Veg Chilli with Quinoa

    Presenting to you another versatile HelloFresh ‘one pot wonder’! This delicious dish has a bit of a twist – quinoa, cooked in the same pot as the chilli! It provides all the flavours you’d expect from a chilli but with some added cinnamon tones and a nutty texture. Kidney beans and plenty of veg make it a hearty and nutitious meal. Go for it!

    The perfect pot: Covered Stockpot


    Veggie Loaded Spanish Style Rice

    Traditional paellas come in many forms, but most can be easily recreated in your own kitchen. This Spanish style rice encompasses delicious spices, seasonal vegetables and kidney beans to make a well-rounded meal packed full of plant protein! Place this beautiful and comforting dish right in the middle of your dinner table and enjoy in a traditional, communal style!

    The perfect pot: Stainless Steel 24cm

    Coconut Caribbean Soup with Home Baked Tortilla Chips

    Poudre de Columbo is a Caribbean curry powder from our wonderful spice suppliers ‘Seasoned Pioneers’. It smells pretty damn good and cooked with creamy coconut milk, veggies and crispy tortilla chips on the side, it tastes pretty damn good too! Get stuck in!

    The perfect pot: Vintage Blue Saucepan


    Oven Baked Bacon and Mushroom Risotto with Creamed Spinach

    Risotto is such a delicious, creamy dish, but all the stirring that is required can often be a bit a daunting. André has simplified the process into the easiest recipe. Forget about the stirring, just shove your risotto in your oven – no stirring necessary, but with all the tastiness you would expect from a risotto. Enjoy!

    The perfect pot: Stainless Steel Covered


    Belly Pork Casserole with Beans and Red Cabbage

    A lovely, smoky flavoured casserole that will be a welcome warm-up on a chilly day. And the fact it also has dumplings will bring a smile to a hungry person’s face! We have sneaked some mango chutney into the cabbage as well, so that will be a sweet, tasty surprise too!

    The perfect pot: Bellshaped Saucepan

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