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August 2, 2013
by hellofresh Our Stories

    wright brothers review

    Fridays are the best, it is the end of the week and beginning of the weekend…now who does not agree Friday is the best day of the week, please do speak up now, I do demand to know why.

    Last Friday night I went to my favourite seafood restaurant in London again, Wright Brothers. It was the perfect end to the week: wine with platters and platters of seafood. We started off with a variety of oysters, prawns, whelks and crab. Then for mains it was mussels, whitebait and something else that I don’t quite remember……

    Wright brothers is a restaurant that you could sit down comfortably with friends (request for the table with sofas on the 1st floor) or a have a dinner date watching oysters being shucked should the other party turn out to be a bore (lower ground floor bar tables). I personally don’t recommend sitting on the ground floor as that is where the doors are and the atmosphere just isn’t as nice as the lower ground/1st floor.

    It is one of those places I rely on when I want some good seafood and I don’t need to second guess whether it is going to be fresh or not. With so many restaurants being opened in London these days it is hard to keep up and really suss out which ones are good. As much as I’d like to try Five Guys and Shake Shack (10 minutes’ walk from Hello Fresh’s’ office), I’m just not sure I want to queue up for 1 hour for a burger yet.

    Reliable and delicious. Talking of delicious seafood, the Hello Fresh box for the weeks 13th and 15th August has a lovely dish of Grilled Coley Oreganata with new potatoes and carrots. Light and fresh for the cool breezy summer evenings.

    (Deadline to order is on Wednesday 7th July midnight)

    Vivien @ Hello Fresh

    Wright Brothers Soho,
    13 Kingly Street
    Kingly Court,
    020 7434 3611

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