How to find high-protein foods

April 9, 2024
by HelloFresh Tips & tricks

    Protein is a key part of a balanced diet, but knowing the best protein sources can be hard if you’re only just starting to consider it in your daily diet.

    Why do we need protein in our diet?

    Proteins are vital for powering overall body function and are also important for muscle gain or toning. Protein helps the body to repair not only muscle but also bone, skin and hair, too.

    Foods high in protein

    Foods high in protein also typically contain carbohydrates, fats, and sugar. Therefore, it’s crucial to identify healthy protein sources with minimal additional components.

    Some high-protein foods include:

    • Fish: cod, salmon, tuna
    • Seafood: crab, mussels, prawns
    • Lean proteins: chicken, turkey, pork
    • Eggs
    • Dairy: milk, cheese, yoghurt
    • Fruit: avocados, blackberries, dates
    • Vegetables: spinach, corn, kale
    • Beans, chickpeas, lentils
    • Nuts and seeds
    • Soy products e.g. tofu

    Recipe development manager at HelloFresh, Mimi Morely, comments, “The great thing about protein-rich foods is that there’s a great variety that can be easily added to recipes, from breakfast through to dinner, without needing to completely overhaul your favourite, everyday meals.”

    How to get more protein in your diet

    By incorporating protein-rich ingredients into your recipes, you are sure to increase the amount of protein in your diet. To boost your protein intake, you can also:

    Get proteins from plants

    The notion that vegetarians cannot obtain enough protein in their diets is a misconception. Beans, peas, nuts, seeds and whole grains are a great source of protein. Combining these with a variety of fruits and vegetables results in a well-balanced vegetarian diet.

    Choose lean meats

    If you are a meat eater, then considering your choice of meat can also help increase the amount of protein you intake. Poultry and certain seafood are lean protein sources among animal-based ingredients.

    Reduce processed meats

    Processed meats, such as sausages and bacon, often include added salt or have been cured, which diminishes the protein nourishment they can provide.

    HelloFresh recipes with protein-rich ingredients

    Truffled Mushroom Frittata

    Championing high-protein eggs, this frittata recipe is enhanced with the luxury taste of truffled mushrooms and can be enjoyed as a meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    Red Lentil and Spinach Daal

    Spinach is high in protein, and in this Indian vegetarian recipe, it’s combined with lentils, another high-protein ingredient.

    Mexican Spiced Turkey Steak

    This Mexican-inspired turkey recipe is perfect for meat eaters seeking a protein-packed dish. Paired with high-protein sides like avocado and black beans, this dish is bursting with goodness, flavour and spice.

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    All food products vary. The instructions printed on the food packaging always supersedes those printed in this article and must always be followed.
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