The Daily Yay is better than a New Year’s resolution.

Let’s face it, eating salad for the next 365 days straight isn’t doable. Luckily, these 30 little Daily Yays totally are. Whether it’s making your own pesto, framing your favourite photo or sending a thank you card, they’ll give you a mini rush. Check out all 30 Daily Yays below and try your favourites this January!

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5 Quick Ways to Recover Post-Workout

Daily Yay #20 is to go for a run – whether it’s alone or with one of your pals. Whethere it’s just to the shop and back to get you started and get those endorphins pumping or 10k because you’re trying to hit a new record. The key is, eat well, stretch and learn how to recover post workout. Our lovely friends over at Tribe had this advice to help optimise your recovery, which will help reduce the risk of injury, allow consistent training and help you train to your potential. Here are 5 quick and easy ways to maximise your recovery.

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