That’ll teach you: prickly pear (OUCH)

August 20, 2015
by Trisha Our Cooking tools

    prickly pear 2

    You know Mogli, Bhalloo and the whole Jungle book gang? Well, when I was at my local market today and I saw these little beauties – I had to buy some. If only for the nostalgia that they created for me, the memories of watching the Jungle book with my sister growing up. Sadly, the lyrics of Bare Necessities literally taught me nothing – this very real warning went in one ear and our the other…

    Now when you pick a pawpaw

    Or a prickly pear

    And you prick a raw paw

    Next time beware

    Well, Bhalloo – next time I will INDEED beware. I picked these up with such childlike joy and excitement and then my face crumpled … oh the stinging. Watch out for prickly pears – those little dots all over their skin have little stingers in them… The guy who runs the stall, came over and looked at me sympathetically, but with a knowing smirk and said “you have to handle these carefully, they sting. They’re from a cactus”.

    How unexpectedly pink is the flesh? It’s crazy. I didn’t look until I was taking the photos and I near dropped my lens. Thank goodness for my quick dextrous catching skills.

    One of my favourite things to do is to ask the team “what’s this?” when I discover a slightly lesser known food. Their answers are always so perfect in their naivety, optimism and excitement. I showed them the photo below and this is what they said”

    “I thought it was jam on toast” – Rob, marketing

    “Is it raw meat?” – Bene, marketing

    “Is it a popaya?” – Dovas, marketing

    No guys, a thousand times no. It’s a prickly pear – you learn something new every day!

    prickly pear fruit

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