One-tray Bakes

September 10, 2014
by hellofresh Learn

    One-tray bakes are the best way to cook especially during the moments when a) you don’t quite fancy washing dishes after a long day and b) you really need to sit down with a glass of wine. But one-tray bakes need not mean having to pre-prepare everything beforehand during the weekend, it can mean ingredients thrown together to make a deliciously satisfying healthy meal.

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    One-Pot Red Beans and Rice by Southern Bite

    The best aspect about this dish is that you can use it for leftovers too, which means that roast chicken or half used chorizo can be put into this dish. 


    Poulet Grecque Au Four by Cerise Friandises

    If you prefer you can use a whole chicken, just put it on top of the vegetables and oven it at 170C. For 1KG chicken you’ll need to roast for around 45 minutes to 1 hour, timings is dependent on the oven you have.

    Onepot pasta

    One Pot Pasta by Mixing Bowl Kids

    The first time I came across this recipe, I was very worried everything would be overcooked however it turned out perfectly. So easy to cook and minimal washing, just remember chop the softer vegetables chunkier than usual.


    One Pot Tortellini Sausage Tomato Cream by Yellow Bliss Road

    This is so simple and incredibly delicious, the best bit is the kids can even get involved to make it!

    Happy Cooking!


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