New Year’s DIY Flower Centrepiece

December 28, 2015
by Trisha Learn



    A New Year brings new energy and a new fresh start. One of my favourite ways of make my home look fresher is with a beautiful (and intriguing) new flowers. Plus, there is no commitment with flowers, because if you change your mind about the colours, you can get new ones the following week!

    Here’s our take on a great flower arrangement for your table on New Year’s day. Our chef put this together and he’s no florist so, if he can do it so can you!



    DIY Christmas Centrepiece


    • Wax flower branches
    • Large headed pink flowers:
    • Protea Barbigera or pin cushion protea


    1. Take a vase and fill 2 thirds with water
    2. Trim the leaves off the bottom part of all the stems (leaves in water can start to smell)
    3. Trim the different elements to SLIGHTLY different heights to add visual interest
    4. Put flowers into the vase and enjoy the beauty!
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