NEW ON THE MENU: The Inspiration Behind Our Premium Gastropub Recipes

March 15, 2019
by Rebecca Down Premium Recipes

    Bring the Best of British to the table this spring with our new limited edition collection of premium Gastropub recipes. Available to add to your boxes over the next five weeks, here, Chef Jesse tells us about the inspiration behind these special recipes…

    Chef Jesse in the HelloFresh Development Kitchen

    The planning and inspiration behind our new premium ‘Gastropub’ recipes:

    Creating new recipe collections from scratch is always something we look forward to here, in the HelloFresh Development Kitchen. It’s a chance for us to hang up our whites, step out of the kitchen and explore the foodie world…

    Before we start working on a new brief or culinary concept, like any project, we always take the time to learn a bit more about what is already out there, to establish what it is we are aiming to achieve for our customers. With this in mind, you can imagine our excitement when we were presented with the challenge to create a brand new collection of premium ‘Gastropub’ recipes!

    A better excuse for a decent Sunday lunch there never once was. So, after a little research – “Siri – where’s the best pub lunch near me?” – we left the office the following Friday, notebooks and cameras in hand, ready to be inspired…

    “Well, that sounds great!”, I hear you say. Well, yes, it does, BUT on returning to the kitchen we had all come to the conclusion that this particular project was going to be a little harder than we had initially imagined. Despite still being in the slightly happy, hungover state of fullness, we were left with a big question looming over us: how were we going to capture the experience of a pub lunch, make it quick and straightforward to prepare, AND pack it all up in a 40cm x 40cm Hello Fresh box?!

    So what are the new ‘Gastropub’ recipes?

    For many, the word ‘gastopub’ is automatically linked to Sunday roasts, and whilst we wanted to create recipes that were perfect for a weekend treat, we also wanted to come up with dishes that could be enjoyed during the week. Who said roasts were just for Sundays anyway!?

    After several meetings and LOTS of pacing by Chef Andre, we were ready to get to work. With a list of new ingredients and slightly different guidelines to work from, we had a lot of fun creating a collection of brand new recipes that we hope you will enjoy cooking as much we did! Only slightly longer to prepare than our usual recipes, you will never have found cooking a roast so easy.

    Coming up on the menu…

    You’ll find these delicious ‘Gastropub’ recipes with a PREMIUM tag on the menu, so keep an eye out for them when you’re choosing next week’s favourite recipes.

    To kick off the collection in true gastropub style, we thought we would start with a delicious classic this week: British Roast Pork Belly with Chantenay Carrots, Celeriac & Apple Puree. A favourite on any gastropub menu, Pork Belly is a classic that can be enjoyed any night of the week. The lovely thick layer of fat on this particular cut keeps the meat moist as it roasts and also gives a delicious even layer of crunchy crackling. Served with roasted celeriac and carrots, stir-fried tender stem broccoli with toasted hazelnuts, and a homemade apple puree, this is the perfect simple showstopper.

    Add this recipe to your box before Wednesday 20th March to enjoy from the week starting, Saturday 23rd March.

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    Add this Roast Lamb with Potato, Sautéed Mushrooms & Spinach and a Red Wine Jus before Wednesday 3rd April.

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    Add our Sirloin Steak with Garlic & Chervil Sauce, Crushed Roasted Potatoes and Tenderstem Broccoli before Wednesday 10th April.

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