Make the Most of Your Halloween Leftovers with this Delicious Pumpkin Cake Recipe October 26, 2020

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    The scary truth about Halloween is that the festivities bring about an abundance of food waste. Did you know that roughly 13 million carving pumpkins go to waste in the UK alone?!

    At HelloFresh, we’re passionate about reducing food waste, but we certainly don’t believe in putting a stop to the fun Halloween activities! We want to show you how to use your pumpkin for more than scaring ghouls this Halloween.

    Pumpkins are cheap, tasty and nutritious and can be cooked in a thousand different ways. Take, for example, this delicious pumpkin cake! But not just any pumpkin cake, oh no. This cake is the most perfectly spiced, rich and moist pumpkin cake you’ll ever try, topped with luxurious cream cheese topping. Just what we’re craving with a cosy cup of tea.

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    First, make sure you’re picking the right pumpkin. Classic carving pumpkins don’t taste all that great, since they are bred to be large, thin fleshed and robust. We’d suggest choosing one that’s smaller – between 1-3kg, smoother and labelled sugar pumpkin or pie pumpkin.

    Next, you’ll need to make pumpkin puree from your spooky carved creation. Making pumpkin puree is easy, simply roast the pumpkin with the skin for 45 – 50 minutes at 180°. Once finished, place the softened flesh into a food processor and blend until smooth.

    And there you have it, delicious cake pending… Below is everything you need for the most delicious autumnal cake.



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