Nutritious, Well-Balanced Recipes Under 550 Calories: Introducing Our New ‘Balanced’ Recipes

December 25, 2018
by Rebecca Down Balanced

    We’re adding even more variety to your HelloFresh menu with a brand new collection of well-balanced, nourishing recipes to kick-start the new year.

    We are really excited to announce the launch of our brand new ‘Balanced’ recipe collection – making it easy for you to cook well-balanced, nutritious meals from scratch. From next week, you will be able to choose from a variety of wholesome, flavour-filled recipes under 550 calories developed by our team of in-house chefs and nutritionist to help you create satisfying and well-balanced dinners. Our new Balanced recipes will be available to add to boxes being delivered from the week commencing, 29th December.

    The collection includes brand new recipes like Grilled Coley with Fennel Remoulade and Bulgar Wheat, Dairy-Free Risotto with Butternut Squash and Sage as well as wholesome twists on customer favourites. Available in all of our boxes, they’re the perfect recipes to kick-start your New Year’s resolution of eating sustainably and healthily.

    Why you should choose our balanced recipes:

    • All of our balanced recipes are developed by in-house chefs & approved by a nutritionist.
    • Under 550 calories, they are low in salt, sugar & fat.
    • Ingredients include leaner cuts of protein, pulses, whole grains and lots of fresh vegetables.
    • Wholesome, flavour-filled meals that will satisfy the whole family.

    What are the benefits of cooking from scratch?

    1. You know what goes into each meal – fresh natural ingredients.
    2. You’ll gain a sense of pride and achievement.
    3. You’re learning one of the most valuable life skills.
    4. You’re setting up good eating habits for life by introducing children to fresh and natural ingredients.
    5. Everyone can take part!

    What kind of recipes can I expect?

    Our new Balanced recipes will be available from the week commencing, 29th December. Add them to your box by looking out for the dark green ‘Balanced’ label (see below). Each week, there will be three balanced recipes available to add to your box, with one of the three being a vegan recipe throughout January (perfect for those of you thinking about taking on ‘Veganuary’). If you’re looking for recipe inspiration to kick-start a healthy and balanced new year, these recipes are just the thing to fill your recipe box with. Here are just a few of the recipes that you can look forward:

    Dairy-Free Risotto with Butternut Squash and Sage (Vegan)

    Hearty, wholesome, and naturally creamy, our dairy-free vegan butternut squash risotto is the perfect recipe for a cosy night in. Sage and butternut squash is a delicious flavour combination, especially when roasted together in the oven before being mashed into a rough purée. Mashing the squash thickens the risotto, as well as giving it a deliciously creamy texture. Serve in deep bowls and top with the lemony dressed rocket and chopped hazelnuts.

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    Mexican Goodness Bowl (Vegan)

    Quinoa is a pseudo-cereal ( a seed which is prepared and consumed like a grain) and is one of a few plant food which can be considered to be a complete protein as it contains all 9 essential amino acids. Forming the base of our delicious Mexican-inspired goodness bowl, quinoa is topped with fresh zingy ingredients like roasted spiced butternut squash, black bean purée, tomato salad and peppery rocket. Hearty and wholesome, this healthy recipe is the perfect thing for an easy mid-week dinner.

    Protein Packed Turkey Stir Fry

    Quick, healthy and easy to prep, our flash-in-the-pan turkey stir-fry is the perfect recipe for busy evenings. Super lean and packed with protein, turkey is a great addition to this weeknight favourite and works brilliantly with the rich umami flavours in this dish. Crunchy carrot and red peppers (packed with Vitamin C) give the dish a lovely texture, whilst ginger and red chilli give it a welcome kick of heat. Serve in bowls, top with chopped spring onion, and dig in!

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