our HOTTEST suppliers: Barfoots

January 8, 2016
by Trisha Learn

    On the southern coast of Sussex, you’ll find a family farm where they grow the wackiest, tastiest and most lovingly produced chillies in the land. They go by the name of Barfoots and we’re so chuffed to say, that from now on, your boxes will be sprinkled with these little treasures; the hottest, the mildest and the most scrumptious! So, we thought a little introduction was in order. Meet the Barfoots family they supply our sweetcorn and our chillies, among other things.

    So, how did it all begin?

    We’re a 5th generation family business farming along the south­ coast in Hampshire, Sussex and the Isle of Wight. We’re passionate about farming exotic vegetables like sweet potatoes, butternut squash and chillies. At Barfoots we work in harmony with nature to ensure the best eating experience.

    What’s the weirdest or funniest thing that’s happened since you started?

    One of the funniest things is the interest from our customers in the new varietal trials of weird and wacky chillies from all over the world. The most common chillies – the red and green mild types – don’t quite get the same attention!

    What’s the hottest chilli you ever tried and what was your reaction? There’s no doubt that the Trinidad Scorpion AKA the “Brain­Strain” is on another level. It’s the world’s 2nd hottest chilli currently at 1.2­1.6 million Scoville Units*. In this job you get to sample and appreciate all the ‘tasting notes’ of chillies, so you recognise immediately the aromas, sugars, acids and capsaicin levels which make up the flavour beyond the immediate mouth­burn! This is most unpleasant and the question one would need to ask is, “Why?”… However, people love it and I believe the endorphin rush that accompanies such an experience is what the true chilli connoisseur seeks.

    What’s your favourite chilli sauce? The African Chef’s Baobab Sauce, it’s got it all: upfront chilli heat, warming spice undertones, caramelised sweetness and a decadent feel in the mouth. I’ll have it on anything!

    What do you like about working with HelloFresh? Seeing our hard work and products go to creative use in helping people enjoy fresh food and become more confident in their cooking. Food is life, cooking is a key skill. At HelloFresh, they give people the knowledge and confidence to try new things.

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