HelloFresh partners with a food expert to uncover why you are always cooking the same things

March 1, 2021
by Hattie Learn

    It can be easy to fall into the same unfulfilling routine at dinnertimes just because it’s quick and simple. And it seems this is the case now more than ever. 

    While the inevitable rise in home cooking due to restrictions could have led to a wider food repertoire, the HelloFresh study shows that this is not quite the case. In a recent survey of 1,000 and 5,00 parents, it seems the last time we tried a new cuisine was more than a year ago! 

    How many recipes can you cook from scratch? 🍽: Mango Chutney Glazed Chicken Wraps

    When asked about what spurs them on to try new foods, 33% of respondents said inspiration when eating out, 29% travelling and 15% meeting new people who introduce them to new flavours. So it can be easy to see why we’re all left feeling uninspired in the kitchen recently.

    And while 51% of respondents are most likely to try new foods in their own home rather than at the restaurant, 65% of people agree that their lack of confidence in the kitchen stops them from cooking the meals that they love, such as Pad Thai or Indian Curry. 

    Aside from the sheer enjoyment of tucking into our favourites over dinnertime, why else should we care about expanding our recipes and food repertoire? 

    The study also found that among the people who consider their ingredient repertoire as “limited” or “somewhat limited”, 15% of those eat junk food at least three times a week!  

    Our Head Chef, Andre, says “having a varied diet is essential for our well-being and while HelloFresh Eating Habits Study has shown that it is not always easy to explore new foods and ingredients, we’re excited to be able to introduce new flavours, cuisines and spice blends every week!”

    HelloFresh’s high-quality ingredients and wide variety of delicious recipes, help our customers to achieve varied and balanced eating habits and make them look forward to dinnertime”.

    We also caught up with Charles Spence, Professor at the University of Oxford, who explains:

    “Many of us would like to be more adventurous with what we eat than we currently are. The results of the multi-country Eating Habits Study commissioned by HelloFresh really helps to narrow down on some of the key factors that both prevent us from trying some foods that we might so easily learn to like while at the same time highlighting those other influences that may encourage us to broaden our eating horizons ”. 

    Refresh Your Eating Habits: Our Tried and Tested Recipes

    Here at HelloFresh, we have over 36 recipes available to choose from each week. Plus, made with fresh, pre-portioned ingredients, you know you and the family are getting goodness. Here are a few of our favourites that can be added to your box in the next couple of weeks: 

    Cajun Prawn Risotto 

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    Japanese Style Curry Udon with Garlic Miso Portobello Mushrooms

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     Baharat Beef Koftas ‘Kebabs’

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    Herby Crusted Salmon with Cheesy Dauphinoise and Sugarsnaps

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    Stir-Fried Chicken Noodles 

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