Hannah Lily #CooksItForward December 9, 2015

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When Hannah pledged to cook for her best friend, we were over the moon. But when she made this completely mind blowing animation to match… well… our minds were in pieces.

How does she do this? It is so cool. We can’t explain how she does it, but what we can do is point you in the direction of her amazing instagram page, were you can find other incredible animations. What a talented lady!

We hope it inspires you to #CookItForward on for your loved ones this December.

Who else has been #CookingItForward ?

Cate cooked her mum a delicious Sicialiana Caponata and super stir fried rice for her sister
Ellie cooked risotto for her boyfriend Tom
Mark cooked a delicious chicken and sweet potato for his very deserving wife!
Have you been cooking it forward? Share your photos and stories with us on social media by using the hashtag #CookItForward – we want to hear all about it!
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