5 Foods not to store in your fridge

May 3, 2014
by hellofresh Learn

    The fridge was invented for a reason, to ensure that produce keeps fresher for longer. Especially now that Spring is coming along, we are experiencing warmer climates as we progress through to summer. It is much harder to keep produce fresh outside a cool environment however there are some produce that we should avoid putting in the fridge as, believe it or not, it can cause their freshness to deteriorate quicker.



    They prefer warmer climates and loses their sweetness when put into a cold fridge. Whilst they still be good for cooking, it won’t be the best for eating raw. The best location to store them is away from sunlight but at room temperature.

    If you grow your own tomatoes and need to pick them before the frost sets in, then putting them with bananas helps speed the ripening process.

    Basil - storage


    Herbs are delicate and they need extra care when storing. Basil, which is an excellent partner for tomatoes, has the similar storage requirements : away from sunlight, at room temperature in a cup of water. The coolness of the fridge will wilt them quickly.



    Onions aren’t grown with the that crispy skin around it, these are develop in a dry and warm place. Onions go soft in a cool place and it also makes the other products in the fridge to gain an onion smell.




    The temperature of the fridge crystallizes the honey and causes the texture to change. Whilst you are able to leave it out at room temperature for it to go back to normal, it generally isn’t recommended. Honey has a high sugar content so refrigeration isn’t needed, the best place to leave it is in your cupboards and at room temperature.


    Citrus Fruits

    These fruits are grown in hot climates and they like to be stored in warmer conditions, by putting them in the fridge they are likely to suffer from chill damage. The coolness disrupts the ripening process and can often lead to a dry tasteless fruit.

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