5 Simple Christmas Table Setting Ideas

December 5, 2019
by Rebecca Down Learn

    How to up your Christmas table setting game.


    If you’re having your family and friends over for Christmas, chances are you’re going to be spending most of your time around the table!

    To make sure your table is looking as good as you Christmas feast, we’ve come up with a few inexpensive tricks to add some sparkle to your table without burning a hole in your wallet.

    The Two Plate Rule

    For a table to look really well set, having a starter plate and a main plate works well because it adds layers or different colours or textures. Use a brightly coloured main plate and a plain or even white top plate, to add a bit of colour and elegance to your table.

    The Table Runner

    If you’ve got a wooden table and you want to spruce it up – get yourself a plain table runner to add a bit of warmth. If you’re on a budget, measure the width and length of your table. Your table runner should be around half the width of your table and you should have enough cloth on either side of the ends to touch the ground. Then pop down to your local textile shop – choose your favourite colour and give them these measurements!


    Festive Napkins

    All you’ll need is some napkins, some cinnamon stick and some string for this. Simple roll your serviette and place a cinnamon stick onto it. Then use your string to attach them, by wrapping it around them both and tieing it in a neat knot.


    Name Cards

    If you want your Christmas dinner to feel like a real occasion, you can’t go wrong with name cards. I’ve added a bit of a culinary element here. Just get an A4 sheet of white or cream card, measure it out into equal size cards and cut using a craft knife or scissors. Use a hole punch to create a small hold on the top left corner of each card and pop a nice sprig of rosemary into it. Then secure it on the other side with some sellotape. Then just write your guests’ names on them. Simple!


    The Candle Win

    Yes, it’s super simple, but getting the ambience right can be a real game changer. I have to admit, long candles kind of scare me. I just imagine my sleeve catching fire, so I bought these cute little white tealights and put them in translucent tea light holders, to add some warmth to the table.

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    The Greenery Solution

    Flowers are wonderful. But they can be expensive and then fade really quickly. If you’d like to add a bit of nature to your table, you can buy plain glass baubles and then fill them with different Christmas leaves like mistletoe, pine or berries.

    Now all your festive table needs is a delicious festive feast! Our Traditional Christmas Box is available to pre-order for delivery on Friday 21st December.

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