10 ways to be fit & healthy this autumn

September 28, 2015
by Trisha Learn

    Whether you like it or not, summer has officially come to an end. The days are getting shorter and colder, and as tempting as it is to go hibernate under a duvet for the next couple of months, we believe Autumn is actually the perfect time to keep fit and healthy. At HelloFresh, we love being active and healthy, but we love having fun and eating good food just as much – so we’ve compiled 10 great ways of keeping yourself in tip top shape this season with the help of our sporty friends Alex & Camille over at Fashercise!

    1. eat seasonal

     eat seasonal food
     Autumn is a wonderful time when it comes to seasonal produce. These are the months of pumpkins, kale, runner beans, mushrooms and much more – perfect for hearty soups and roasts! Now is the time to experiment with local produce, so why not go visit your nearby farmer’s market, go mushroom picking or head to the pumpkin patch.

    2. sign up for a race

    keep fit - run a race

    If you think races are just for summer, think again. This autumn is packed with a ton of great events in and around London, whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned runner. Light up the night at the Colour Run, get down and dirty at a Mud Run or get chased by Zombies on Halloween. Whatever you’re into, don’t let the cold or darkness stop you from going outdoors for a run.

    3. Keep hydrated!

    It’s easy to get distracted from drinking water during the colder months. We don’t sweat as much so we think we don’t need to drink as much water. Such a myth! Don’t forget to drink water. Sometimes when you think you’re hungry, your body is just craving water. Drink some water and you won’t need to comfort eat as much!

    4.  Invest in some new gym kit!
    do sport keep fit

    Nothing motivates us as much to work out than getting new some shiny new gym kit! And with chilly morning runs on the horizon, now is the perfect time to update that summer wardrobe and add some warm coverups!

    Because we don’t believe in compromise, we think sportswear should be as beautiful as it is functional, so check out the many stylish independent activewear designers stocked on Fashercise. If you’re headed to the high street, we highly recommend the H&M and GAP activewear ranges, and of course Nike and Adidas offer a great choice of warm and technical gear.

     5. Go for an Autumnal Walks
    autumn walk

    Put on your wellies and head outdoors for a crisp walk in one of the many parks in and around london to admire autumn in all its splendour. Not sure where to go? TFL is organising 40 free guided walks on the weekend of October 17-18th throughout London. Check out all the details on the Walk4Life website.

    6. Try a new class

    london fitness classes

    Bored of going to the same old gym all the time? Why not sign up to So Much More or ClassPass for access to hundreds of classes and studios around the country. Grab a friend and go class hopping – try barre, spinning, yoga or even the infamous Barry’s Bootcamp, all with just one membership. This is the perfect way to make sure you’ll never get bored of working out!

    7. Hop on a bike

    cycle london

    Why not rent a Boris Bike – sorry, Santander Bike – and discover the city in a whole new way. Or you could hire an iconic foldable Brompton bike hop on a train and head somewhere new. Cycling is a great way to keep active without even noticing – and a perfect way to spend a sunny Autumn day.

    8. Yoga in the sky

     yoga classes london

    Whether you’re an experienced yogabunny or a total newbie, there’s probably no better way to get your zen on than high up in the sky. Both the Shard and the Sky Gardens offer regular yoga classes with a view unlike anything else!

    9. Sign up to HelloFresh
    HelloFresh healthy eating
    No inspiration or time to think of healthy yet delicious dinners – let alone time to shop for them? Let someone else do the work for you. We’re massive HelloFresh fans here in the Fashercise office, as it makes life just a bit easier without having to compromise on taste and freshness. And when we have leftovers, we just turn them into tomorrow’s lunch. Win-win!

    10. Keep Safe!

    When heading outdoors for a run or a workout, make sure to keep safe. Reflective detailing is an absolute must, and little gadgets like flashing lights could make the difference between life and death when out on dark roads. You can never be visible enough! Check here for our pick of some great reflective items which will keep you safe during the darkest nights.

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