Our Family Recipes: Chef-developed, Kid-approved

August 25, 2017
by Rebecca Down Stress-Less

    Before any of our family recipes make it into your boxes, they go through a rigorous external taste and cooking process to make sure they are up to scratch. In the kitchen, we know that kids can be the toughest critics.  From ‘it’s too spicy’ to ‘I won’t eat broccoli’, we’ve heard it all!  As our family recipes are tried and tested by kids themselves (and parents too) who give us feedback to make them the best they can be,  we can guarantee that our dishes will become household favourites in no time.

    Recently, we invited several families to come into the Fresh Farm to put our family recipes through their paces. To ensure that feedback was as open/honest as possible, separate sessions were held for the children (aged between 7-12)  and parents. This meant that we were able to combine practical feedback from the parents such as length of cooking time and number of pots and pans used,  with what the kids liked and disliked about the recipe itself.

    The parents and their children were asked to cook a number of our family recipes and asked to give feedback on what they liked/disliked and to provide an overall rating out of 10 (together). Our highest scoring recipe was Hoisin Turkey Stir Fry with Coconut Rice (pictured below), with the nutty garnish winning over our testing panel with full marks!

    Overall, our families really enjoyed the cooking process which they found to be quick and stress-free. Many of the parents commented that our simple step-by-step recipe guides made it easier for the kids to get involved which was something that the kids also valued. More than just helping to prepare ingredients as they normally would, children were able to read out instructions and help oversee the entire cooking process. Not only was this helpful for the parents, but it made the whole experience more enjoyable for the children. One child commented:

    The recipes are good because there was enough for both me and mum to be doing at the same time. It was really fun cooking together!

    With kids on our side, we’re confident that the recipes we send out to you and your families will be enjoyed by everyone. We love hearing from you and learning about the ways we can improve our service and recipes. Share your thoughts (good and bad!) with us on our Facebook and Twitter or send our lovely customer care team a message.

    Our kid-friendly family recipes have been created with busy parents in mind, taking the hassle out of meal-planning, prep and cooking, so that you spend less time in the kitchen and more time with the family. From just £3.99 per serving, you can choose to receive 3 or 4 of our recipes to feed four hungry mouths. With a choice of 6 weekly recipes, the only hard part is choosing!

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