Pisco & Peruvian Corazon at Ceviche

September 22, 2015
by Trisha Our Stories

    cerviche on Old Street

    After a successful recipe development session with our chefs, Patrick and Ruth, we headed down for some dinner at Ceviche Old St, because, you know, it’s good to treat yourself now and again! Have you been…? You should go. We all agreed it’s our favourite Ceviche restaurant in town.

    cerviche on Old Street

    So our top favourite things about Ceviche were:

    1. The flavours

    That might sound a bit vague. But genuinely, the flavours of the ceviche (that top dish) were just so hard to put into words. We all tried a number of times. It was just so fresh and delicious. And guys… when I’m speechless, it is quite something to behold. Our favourite two dishes, which were recommended by the chefs, were the Don Ceviche and the Corazón de la Tía (beef heart skewers).  Don Ceviche (pictured above) is fresh seabass with a tantalising mix of amarillo chilli tigers milk, sweet potato, red onion and limo chilli. We like!

    The beef heart skewers may not be for everyone but we think they are the bomb. It comes with rocoto chilli sauce and giant Peruvian corn. To make it even better… it’s gluten free!

    cerviche on Old Street cerviche on Old Street

    2. The interiors

    A mix between an old mahogany filled saloon with those white tiles but the lighting and the art is modern, colourful and intriguing. Full of art from Peruvian artists, it’s very easy on the eyes.

    cerviche on Old Street

    3. The piscos and the cocktails 

    One of the things I love about Ceviche is the wholeness of the Peruvian dining experience. So many restaurants focus solely on the food, and the drinks are just a thirst-quencher with little personality. NOT at Ceviche. The piscos, served to us by the very lovely and VERY educational Victor, were so SO good. They had dozens of piscos with different fruits and flavours. Que delicioso!

    The chefs were so fun, passionate and friendly – I mean check out this guy’s smile:

    cerviche on Old Street

    cerviche on Old Street

    Head down to Ceviche in Old Street and feel the Peruvian experience unravel before your eyes!


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