Brussel Sprouts recipes

November 22, 2014
by hellofresh Learn

    As promised, I wanted you to see these vegetables in a different way and I hope that last week Focus on Cabbages gave you new recipes to try out. This time, I want you to show you some new recipes on the quintessential Christmas vegetable : The Brussel Sprouts.

    They have always had the image of being bitter. This really is not the case, over the years farmers have slowly developed the variety of brussel sprouts and mixed them with the less bitter ones meaning that if cooked correctly they are delicious tasting and packed full of vitamins needed to get through the winter.

    Our favourite Brussel sprouts recipes

    Thai Crunch Brussels Sprouts recipe

    Thai Crunch Brussels Sprouts by How Sweet Eats

    This is possibly my favourite recipe for the winter months, not only because it combines both brussels sprouts and red cabbage but because of the vibrant colours! Pair this with a sweet, citrus and spicy sauce it is perfect accompaniment for evening meal or simply for a salad at lunch.

    Brussel Sprouts Chips recipe

    Brussel Sprouts Chips by Family Fresh Cooking

    Kale Chips? Nope, never heard of them because this season it is all about the Brussel Sprout chips. If you wanted to jazz it up a bit, add a bit of paprika spice to give it a little heat. Prepare to make lots of these as they are perfect to snack on during the cold winter months. Healthiness 10, unhealthiness 0 .

    Brussels Sprouts Fritters recipe

    Brussels Sprouts Fritters by Heather Christo

    These take a bit of loving care to make and well there is deep frying involved meaning that compared to the others…it is slightly unhealthy. But fritters are so good for brunches and those days when you need something bad, but good.

    Happy Cooking!



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