5 Ingeniously Simple Ways to Spice up Dinnertime

February 13, 2017
by Trisha Learn

    Did you know that per year the average Brit cooks the same 12 recipes again and again? We’ve all got dishes that we could make with our eyes closed. But, in case you’re getting bored of the same old dinners, here are 5 spices which are incredibly versatile and easy to add to your dinner, whether it’s spag bol or roast chicken. Our chefs have added in some recipes for each spice that take just 30 minutes to make, in case you fancy something brand new.

    The Winner: Cumin

    For dinners that are absolutely lip smacking, add 1 teaspoon of cumin powder the next time you cook these:

    1. Chilli con carne (add it into your chilli)
    2. Spaghetti Bolognese (add it into your bolognese)
    3. Homemade burgers (mix it into your burger patty)
    4. Fried fish (sprinkle it into the pan with the fish)
    5. Stews & soups (stir it into the pot)
    6. Roasted chicken (rub onto chicken with salt and olive oil before roasting)

    Give those a go, or just try our  Cumin Spiced Meatball Feta Bake with Speedy Sauce and Linguine recipe or our Herby Cumin Chicken with Patatas Bravas and Charred Courgettes

    Star Anise

    What if rice wasn’t just plain, what if it was the hero of the dish?

    Star Anise is really popular in Chinese cooking. It’s one of the 5 spices that make up 5 spice, which is central to many popular Chinese duck dishes in the UK. Mmmmm, sounds tasty! Don’t worry, we’re not expecting you to whip up a duck, plum sauce and pancakes. Imagine all the things you eat rice with: curries, chilli and stir fry.

    Just try our Thai Red Prawn Curry with Star Anise Rice recipe, for rice to remember.

    Add a teaspoon to these classic dishes:

    1. Soups (stir it into the pot)
    2. Stews (stir it into the pot)
    3. Homemade Burgers (mix into mince meat)
    4. Roast potatoes & potato wedges (sprinkle onto potatoes with salt before roasting)
    5. Roast meats (rub onto meat before roasting)
    6. Gravy (stir it into the pot)

    Give those a go, or just try our Paprika Pork with Crushed New Potatoes and Butter Bean Stew.


    Add a sprinkle of mint to:

    1. Homemade burgers (finely chop and mix into patties)
    2. Salads 
    3. Anything with peas (soups, pasta and risottos)

    Give those a go, or just try our Sweet Spiced Moroccan Meatballs with Tabbouleh and Mint Raita.

    Add a handful of ripe pomegranate seeds to these dishes:

    1. Curries (sprinkle on top with yoghurt)
    2. Kebabs (sprinkle inside with yoghurt)
    3. Roasted lamb (sprinkle on with honey)
    4. Quinoa or couscous (mix in with feta and parsley)

    Give those a go, or just try our Harissa Halloumi with Pomegranate Tabbouleh.

    Fancy Adding a Twist?

    We don’t just have great advice on adding a twist, we’ve got recipe boxes to make it even simpler.

    We can send you all the fresh ingredients and exciting recipes every week. So all you have to do is cook.

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