New Shareable Street Food Recipes For Summer Entertaining July 4, 2019

by Rebecca Down Street Food Recipes
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    Hello Summer! Hello, long sunny evenings. Hello, “just one more glass of rosé”. Hello, eating al fresco. What more could you ask for?

    To ensure you make the most of your time in the sun, we’ve created a collection of limited edition “Street Food” recipes specifically with your summer plans in mind. No matter your summer calls for – picnics, pool parties, impromptu barbecues – these recipes are the perfect way to celebrate longer evenings, whether you’re entertaining friends or cooking for yourself.

    Available in boxes from July 13th, you’ll be able to add one of these delicious recipes to your box for the next seven weeks. Look for the Limited Edition tag on our weekly menu and read on to learn more about these delicious summer recipes. Summer sorted.

    Made for sharing (or not!)

    Think pulled duck tacos, open-faced kofta kebabs, crispy Korean-style chicken burger with glazed halloumi…hungry yet? These recipes have been created for every summer occasion, whether you’re dining as a family or hanging out with friends over the weekend. We’ve got our eyes on the Chicken Tikka Pizza with Sweet Potato Fries for the perfect twist on family pizza night or as a fun party appetizer (just cut into smaller slices!).

    What’s on the menu?

    In boxes from July 13th: Pulled Duck Tacos

    We’re kicking off the launch of our “Street Food” recipes with a quintessential Mexican favourite; the humble, hardworking taco. A great thing to make for your next ‘Taco Tuesday’ or to share with friends over the weekend, this recipe will bring the warm Mexican sunshine straight to your kitchen.

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    In boxes from July 27th: Lamb Kofta Kebabs with Buttery Garlic Naan

    For the second stop on our “Street Food” Taste Tour, we’re celebrating the melting-pot of flavours that make Indian cuisine so delicious. We’ve given this recipe a fresh twist, serving our spiced lamb koftas on warm garlic naan, making them a great thing to eat with your hands and enjoy al fresco. Pair with a cold beer, kick back and you’ll be transported to the palm-fringed beaches of India.

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    In boxes from July 27th: Chicken Tikka Pizza with Sweet Potato Fries

    We’ve combined two of our customers’ favourite cuisines, Italian and Indian, to create a winning recipe for your next pizza night. Introducing the third recipe from our limited edition “Street Food” collection: Chicken Tikka “Pizza”. Serve the pizzas up with the sweet potato fries and dressed salad and dive in. The perfect ‘tear and share’ for a night in with friends!

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